Andrew Ohlmann Andrew Ohlmann
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Artist of the Day: Andrew Ohlmann

Andrew Ohlmann

Andrew Ohlmann draws and animates often with digital tools. Andrew sometimes uses filters, software functions and programs to partially generate the visual patterns, mirrored drawings and degenerated lines in his work.

Andrew OhlmannAndrew Ohlmann

In the following animated loop titled “bad party”, Andrew successfully captures the spinning that often immediately precedes a vomiting session:

Andrew OhlmannAndrew Ohlmann

More drawings and animated loops can be found on Andrew’s blog and website.

Andrew OhlmannAndrew OhlmannAndrew OhlmannAndrew OhlmannAndrew Ohlmann
  • that hand loop is perfect, lotta cool gifs and experiments on his blog, sweet

  • martin

    love it. kinda reminds me of vincent giard’s work. nice sense of play in andrew’s work.

  • GW

    I like all those ones here. Ohlmann seems to use color pretty sparingly. I can see why as it emphasizes the contrasts in black and white. I like the lined man’s face and the trees cutout path. I hadn’t realized that the cutout path was from memory. I wonder what it is.