Andy Rementer Andy Rementer
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Artist of the Day: Andy Rementer

Andy Rementer

Andy Rementer is an illustrator and animator who studied at The University of the Arts and produces illustrations, prints, zines and animation.

Andy Rementer

An ad, “Gator Behavior,” animated by Andy, is simple, fun, and smile-inducing, just like Andy’s illustration work:

Compare the commercial below, which features some of Andy’s characters modeled in 3D, animated by a team that was probably put together by an ad agency. I can’t help but think that this spot’s characters could have had much more life in them in the hands of one 2D animator (such as Andy), as demonstrated in the above “Gator” video. Drawn animation seems to be the logical choice for animating designs like these:

Andy Rementer

You can see more videos from Andy here, paintings and sketchbook work here, and check out his portfolio here.

Andy RementerAndy Rementer