Artist of the Day: Erica Jones

Erica Jones

Erica Jones is studying character animation at CalArts and she blogs her sketchbook doodles, various assignments and film projects here and here.

Erica Jones

Erica Jones

Erica’s drawings show off deft cartooning skills and a whole lot of humor. Many of the pieces appear to be one-off drawings for fun, but there are several posts that revolve around a student film in progress in which there are some crystals and special-crystal-light-refraction-animation tests.

Erica Jones

Erica Jones

  • Abel Salazar


  • Ryan

    striking style…wonderful!

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Erica is an awesome artist.

  • Phil Rynda

    She must have some GREAT teachers…. haha :) Way to go Erica!

  • Alex Grigg

    These drawings are sooooo nice. Erica, if youre reading this- Awesome work!