Nadine Redlich Nadine Redlich
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Artist of the Day: Nadine Redlich

Nadine Redlich

Düsseldorf-based artist Nadine Redlich specializes in funny googly-eyed character drawings and animated bits. Redlich also enjoys drawing little faces on little tufts of moss, wigs, trees, and a pear that looks like it has a butt.

Nadine RedlichNadine Redlich

Redlich’s character art seems to be filtered through a childhood full of muppets and other colorful beings, perhaps things like the Mister Men and Little Miss books, but distilled through her distinctly individual perspective. See more on Redlich’s Flickr and Tumblr accounts.


Nadine RedlichNadine RedlichNadine RedlichNadine Redlich Nadine Redlich Nadine Redlich
  • D

    Super fun stuff, I absolutely love really cartoony stuff like this.

  • schwarzgrau

    wonderful illustration

  • mick

    best artist I’ve seen in ages