Astrid Yskout Astrid Yskout
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Artist of the Day: Astrid Yskout

Astrid Yskout

Antwerp, Belgium-based illustrator Astrid Yskout creates friendly colorful scenes of characters that appeal to both children and adults. In an interview from 2011, she reveals that she took several years of working beyond art school to shake off the notion that her work needed to be aimed towards adult audiences with melancholy undertones–a notion foisted on her by some of her art school instructors. She found happiness and a comfortable drawing style after simply drawing the way she felt–happy and at ease.

Astrid YskoutAstrid YskoutAstrid Yskout

Yskout’s work includes some comics, album cover art, and a variety of illustrations. See more work from Astrid on her Flickr and portfolio website.


Astrid YskoutAstrid YskoutAstrid YskoutAstrid Yskout Astrid Yskout
  • kelseigh

    Surprising how much that “Castles In the Air” piece looks like Emily Carroll’s work.

  • Pedro Nakama