Bernardo França Bernardo França
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Artist of the Day: Bernardo França

Bernardo França

Bernardo França works in Sao Paulo making drawings, paintings and designs for print and animation projects.

Bernardo França

His sketches and drawings appear to be drawn with rapid, loose strokes while remaining solidly under the artist’s control.

Bernardo França

Saturated, stylized color palettes are regularly part of Bernardo’s design choices that he makes while creating these vibrant drawings.

Bernardo FrançaBernardo França

Bernardo creates a lot of work which you can view on his blog and website. He also keeps a Tumblr as a repository of inspiring work.

Bernardo FrançaBernardo FrançaBernardo França
  • Tiara

    Amooooo esse artista

  • soldado

    a complete, versatile artist, and a true professional!

  • MaX

    Yess! Go Bernardo!

  • Juan //// fazemos arquitetura

    ele é o cara!
    he is the guy!
    él es el que sabe!!!