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Artist of the Day: Bill Schwab

Bill Schwab

It’s Frozen week on Cartoon Brew’s Artist of the Day, and we’re continuing to feature artists who worked on Disney’s latest feature. Bill Schwab works as a character designer and visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. On Frozen he is credited as supervising the character design work.

Bill Schwab Bill Schwab

His work contributed to several previous Disney features, including The Princess and the Frog:

Bill Schwab

He also contributed designs to Disney’s Christmas TV special Prep and Landing:

Bill drew this pin-striped beauty for an in-house art show at the studio:
Bill Schwab

You can see more of Bill’s personal and work drawings on his blog, including loads of cartoon doodles drawn with a sense of loose, goofy cartoon fun.

Bill Schwab Bill Schwab Bill Schwab
  • Roberto Severino

    I wish more amazing stuff like this made into the final product generally speaking. Thanks for the great post.

  • Malcolm Thomas

    Am I the only one that finds it odd, that this site is talking to the Artists of Frozen and not even talking about the movie itself? Can somebody explain that to me? Is Amid on his annual Disney Boycotts again?

    • AmidAmidi

      It’s disrespectful to Bill to use his moment as a place to make a random, baseless complaint. Do you actually have anything to say about Bill’s work, which is featured in this post?

      • Malcolm Thomas

        Yeah, I’ve always liked Bill’s work since Princess and the Frog and his designs for Frozen have a very graphical appeal to them and I hope he continues to make more character designs for Disney.

        But that still doesn’t overlook the fact that we have said nothing about one of the most recent films he worked on since it’s release yesterday.

    • bob

      It’s artist of the day… meaning that it is a post to showcase an artist, their personal work and their professional work, not an entire movie.

      Frozen posts will follow, I’m sure.

      Just enjoy Bill’s work.

  • Richard Bailey


  • Funkybat

    LOVE me some Bill Schwab! His development work for Wreck-It Ralph was some of my favorite stuff in the entire “Art Of” book! Gonna go delve into his blog now…