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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Christelle Enault

Christelle Enault

Christelle Enault works as an illustrator creating images for editorial, book and personal projects.

Christelle EnaultChristelle Enault

Enault often uses colored pencils to delicately render the smooth gradated color shapes in her drawings.

Christelle EnaultChristelle Enault

Enault’s big personal project involves drawing monsters. Each drawing starts with a blank sheet except for a sparse pattern of stamped shapes that suggest potential creature parts. She has a blog dedicated just to these monsters and drawings from others who have used her monster book.

Christelle EnaultChristelle EnaultChristelle Enault

Enault also creates comics and animation, which you can see on her website or blog.

Christelle EnaultChristelle EnaultChristelle Enault
  • steepertree

    Bold yet subtle. Very nice.

  • Elana Pritchard

    Very cool. Nice textures.