Genevieve Tsai Genevieve Tsai
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Artist of the Day: Genevieve Tsai

Genevieve Tsai

Genevieve Tsai is a character designer and concept artist who has primarily worked on video game productions.

Genevieve TsaiGenevieve Tsai

Genevieve’s blog and Tumblr show off recent development work that she created for the latest Sly Cooper game, Thieves in Time, which include these detailed layout drawings of a chunk of 3D game space and ideas for character movement (see them larger on her own site):

Genevieve TsaiGenevieve Tsai

You can see more of Genevieve’s character concepts and illustrations on her website,

Genevieve TsaiGenevieve TsaiGenevieve TsaiGenevieve Tsai
  • tredlow

    Wow, her art is amazing. Although, looking at how great her Sly Cooper concept art looks, I kinda wished the game did a better job translating the style into 3D.

  • christy

    cool stuff!

  • General Zhukov

    Brilliantly creative cartoonist and artist with a lovely sense of humor. Someone
    PIXAR really needs to pick her up for some major motion picture action.

  • Matt

    You wont meet a nicer or sweeter person as well. So glad she is getting recognized on here.

  • Joel

    I love what I’m seeing! I’ll have to check out her website(s)!

  • Mister Twister

    Funny, I knew of her stuff for months now ‘U¯U¯’

  • Matt ‽ Rooney

    One of my favorite people to have worked with. :D

  • Ryan

    As a huge Sly Cooper fan, I’m more than happy to see some of the wonderful concept art make it’s way to the Brew. Awesome stuff.

  • agreenster

    Genevieve! Congrats. Glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve :)