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Artist of the Day: Ivan Dixon

Ivan Dixon

Ivan Dixon is an artist and animator who makes up half of the creative team behind Melbourne, Australia-based Rubber House Studio. He also is an organizing member of the LoopdeLoop animation challenge. A section of Rubber House’s recent Cartoon Network ad [EDIT: this particular clip is animated by Greg Sharp, Ivan’s partner at Rubber House –Chris]:

Ivan Dixon

Rubber House Studio is composed of Ivan and Greg Sharp, and has been posted about repeatedly on Cartoon Brew for its entertaining work. Here is a recent video featured on the Rubber House website, See Why Everyone’s Talking About Grass!:

Ivan Dixon

I’ll take a moment aside to write directly to the TV network executives out there. Ivan has got some ideas for shows. From a post on Ivan’s Tumblr about his creation Muscles McQuack: “I wanted to do a show about relationships and sexual fetishes. It’s about a body building duck called Muscles McQuack, his girlfriend Sally who works in a sex shop, his buddy Science Pete who does nothing with his science degree because his parents died and he inherited their house, and Peli-can-do who works at a take away place.”

Any takers?

Call up Ivan now.

Ivan Dixon and Thomas Hunter

That idea doesn’t cut it for your network? How about War Prawn, created by Ivan and Thomas Hunter? Again, their description: “A little known fact about prawns is that they’re actually a noble and valiant people. Warrior Prawn is the elected hero of Drysdale kingdom. With his devoted apprentice, Shrimp, and his trusty stead, Tiger, he roams the desert wasteland looking for battles whilst completing the King Prawn’s odd jobs.”

Ivan DixonIvan Dixon

See more funny work from Ivan on his Tumblr, at RubberHouseStudio.com, and the studio’s Tumblr.

Ivan Dixon
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