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Artist of the Day: James Blagden

James Blagden

James Blagden works as an illustrator and director. The front page of his website currently features a live-action music video that he directed, “BABY” for Tiombe Lockhart:

The illustration page is deeper and not linked from the front page, and showcases work that you can access via thumbnails in the skyscraper.

James BlagdenJames BlagdenJames Blagden

Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No is a short film drawn and animated by Blagden. Dock’s narration, James’s visual style, and the precisely designed soundtrack bring this production together perfectly:

James BlagdenJames Blagden

James also created another short, GOAT vs GFOS, in association with art/fashion label No Mas:

James BlagdenJames Blagden
  • GW

    I like it. His art looks like some sort of drug trip, not that I’d know from personal experience. I saw Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No years ago and thought it was classic.

  • Ari

    So refreshing to see something with a cool sensibility in a sea of talking animals and toothless monsters, Adventure time excluded