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Artist of the Day: Jason Reicher

Jason Reicher

Jason Reicher studies animation at CalArts.

Jason Reicher Jason Reicher

Here’s a short cartoon, Hotdog, created by Jason over a weekend, showing off the ability to prioritize his efforts into the idea, audio, and performance to make it feel completely realized despite the limited time resources:

Sharing some wisdom on his Tumblr, Jason writes “I started to have fun drawing again once I stopped caring if I was making something meaningful or not.” This revelation should sound familiar to many art school students. The potentially confusing and frustrating period of trying to learn so much in a few years, while developing the elusive “personal voice” that students are always striving for, can stunt creativity with worry and self-doubt. Focusing on learning the foundational skills and creating work consistently is the key to emerging from art school on the right path where eventually one’s individual art tendencies naturally become one’s “voice.” There is no substitute for putting in all of that drawing and painting and doodling time along the way, which Jason achieves with a colorful weirdness. See more work from Jason on his Tumblr, blog, portfolio and Vimeo account.

Jason Reicher Jason Reicher Jason Reicher Jason Reicher Jason Reicher

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  • Frank

    The second drawing is my favourite

  • Andeyo

    Love the hotdogs short, made my day.

    On another note, Jason is completely right with the concern of creating something pretty which blocks creativity and content. Theres been too many times where I’m drawing something then I get increasingly anxious that my next mark will destroy the whole sketch.

  • Rufus Chickenplight

    Oldschool style, I dig it very much.

  • brob

    Is he still at calarts? I thought he left for cn

    • Bingo

      I hear he’s a full time student, works at Cartoon Network, and even juggles bears.

  • Jason R

    Thanks guys! What a nice surprise to wake up to.

  • Philip Vose

    good job, Jason. you are swell.

  • Stephanie

    “I started to have fun drawing again once I stopped caring if I was making something meaningful or not.”
    I know the feeling…maybe i should stop caring so much… :)