Jeff Le Bars Jeff Le Bars
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Artist of the Day: Jeff Le Bars

Jeff Le Bars
Jeff Le Bars

Paris, France
Primary media:
L’Ecole Emile Cohl
L’Université Bordeaux III
Major projects:
Carn, short film [Director]
Coquino, short film [Director]
“Les amoureux,” music video for French singer Aldebert [Director]
Jeff Le Bars Jeff Le Bars Jeff Le Bars
Jeff Le BarsJeff Le BarsJeff Le Bars
  • Robb Pratt

    Wow! Just -WOW!

  • Jen H

    I absolutely adore his short, “Carn.” It’s easily one of my favorite shorts. Such great camera work, and obviously gorgeous style.

  • DangerMaus

    Kind of funny that most of the stills you posted were from his “Carn” short, but the video link is to his other piece of work. I looked up his “Carn” video and I thought it was better than the short you provided a link to; although, that one isn’t too bad either. Carn is just much better.