Jesse Balmer Jesse Balmer
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Artist of the Day: Jesse Balmer

Jesse Balmer

Jesse Balmer draws with skillful lines and renders his creations with tactile forms. His strange ideas multiply the visual impact of his work.

Jesse BalmerJesse Balmer

Based in San Francisco, Jesse creates illustrations, comics and artwork that he exhibits in shows. His sketchbook pages are full of similarly fine drawings. He also turns some of his designs into prints and shirts which he sells here.

Jesse BalmerJesse Balmer

You can see collected artwork on Jesse’s Flickr account, including an animation storyboard test that Jesse completed for a popular show. More of Jesse’s art can be found on his Tumblr and

Jesse BalmerJesse BalmerJesse BalmerJesse Balmer
  • Lulu

    I love this! So expressive