Jim Stoten Jim Stoten
Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Jim Stoten

Jim Stoten

Jim Stoten works as an illustrator in the UK, producing pieces for print publication, apparel, walls and various art projects.

Jim StotenJim Stoten

He has an uncanny ability to find the humor in mundane editorial subjects, like “food blogging,” below:

Jim StotenJim Stoten

Jim also plays music in Owen and the Eyeballs and makes his own home recordings. Recently Jim released a decade’s worth of his music online, and created an animated promo video for the occasion:

Jim Stoten

See Jim’s work on his portfolio website and at his repping agency Big Active.

Jim StotenJim StotenJim StotenJim StotenJim Stoten
  • Von

    These are like the type of pictures that I saw in my childhood. The also scared the hell out of me but they are still cool.

  • Tim

    Dang, this is the kind of drawing (see also: Edward Gorey) that digital imaging just sucks at handling. I’d love to see these drawings printed on nice paper stock with thick black ink, the kind you can feel under your fingers when you rub the page.