Kristian Antonelli Kristian Antonelli
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Artist of the Day: Kristian Antonelli

Kristian Antonelli

Kristian Antonelli is an animator who works at Yukfoo Animation. Kristian was also an animator on the short film, Everything I Can See From Here, which was recently featured on Cartoon Brew.

Kristian AntonelliKristian Antonelli

Kristian creates sketchbook studies with pencils, markers and brushes using judiciously-placed strokes and blots.

Kristian AntonelliKristian Antonelli

See more work on Kristian’s Tumblr and blog.

Kristian AntonelliKristian AntonelliKristian AntonelliKristian AntonelliKristian Antonelli
  • steepertree

    Impressive range of styles.

  • Christina Skyles

    Man, what a cool sketchbook. I think the funnest looking sketchbooks are the ones that look like the artist just grabs whatever is nearby–no matter what it is–and just goes to town with it, and these drawings definitely fit that bill.

  • Ant G

    kind of screamms for more, but that’s probably because I really freakin like it

  • Paul Tempelman

    Thats my mate!

  • jonathan

    such a great artist.

  • Tomm


  • Tim mccourt

    Its great to see Kristian finally getting some recognition. He’s one of the most talented draughts man I’ve ever seen, and a top notch animator.

  • Emma

    Fantastic Kristian! A well deserved mention.