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Artist of the Day: Matthew Houston

Matthew Houston

Matthew Houston’s cartooning overflows with experimental and original ideas in form and content. Put another way, it overflows with personality.

Matthew HoustonMatthew Houston

Although he is based in Columbus, Ohio, the strength of his work has established a connection with Pen Ward’s Adventure Time staff, and Matthew has remotely contributed freelance designs during recent production of the show.

Matthew HoustonMatthew Houston

See more of Matthew’s work on his Tumblr, blog, portfolio and store.

Matthew HoustonMatthew HoustonMatthew HoustonMatthew HoustonMatthew HoustonMatthew Houston
  • Dana B

    If you showed me these pieces and tell me they were all from different artists, I would believe it without a second guess. I find it amazing when someone has different art styles and don’t carry off into their other works. That truly takes talent.

  • so so so good

  • martin


  • Philip Vose

    wildly brilliant and passionate!!!