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Artist of the Day: Michael Olivo

Michael Olivo

Artist Michael Olivo creates comics and artwork that often skirts the completely abstract. In the masses of colorful blobs, tubes, and twisted forms, characters and narratives peek through. Olivo is also a prolific collaborator (and has already been mentioned in previous Artist of the Day posts for people like Samuel Hayes and Niv Bavarsky). Olivo collects work produced with others under a special tag on his Tumblr.

Michael OlivoMichael Olivo

Clearly recognizable monsters and animals are sometimes featured in Olivo’s color-saturated drawings. His comic influences are evident with his use of line-art and dynamic black-filled areas.

Michael Olivo

Olivo’s main website also functions as a hub for all of his various Internet links and places to experience (or buy) his projects. He also has a Flickr where you can view more of his work.

Michael OlivoMichael OlivoMichael OlivoMichael OlivoMichael Olivo