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Artist of the Day: Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards is a prolific cartoonist working in the UK who creates comics for print and online distribution, including his regular Thursday strip, Cave Shrine and his debut comic book Dinopopolous published by Blank Slate.

Nick EdwardsNick Edwards

Nick fills his sketchbooks with densely packed pages of characters and comics. You can find some of these on his Tumblr. On his blog, Nick experiments with animated comics using looping GIF files. An example is IVAN in which Nick explores the pains of being creative.

Nick EdwardsNick Edwards

Two web presences cannot seemingly contain Nick’s output, and you can dig into older work on his DeviantArt and LiveJournal accounts.

Nick EdwardsNick EdwardsNick Edwards
  • Jon

    He’s also working on Uncle Grandpa as a designer.

  • UnclePhil

    Nick also does development work on CN’s Uncle Grandpa… premiering Monday September 2nd at 8pm… cough cough.

    • Keen Bean

      I may just watch uncle grandpa now

  • Keen Bean

    This guy is magic

  • Mike Scott

    YO this stuff is AMAZING. Insta-fan.

  • KTSquire

    I’ve been following Nick’s stuff for ages, all he ever does is produce gold. Glad he got showcased on here!