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Artist of the Day: Nicolas Ménard

Nicolas Ménard

Nicolas Ménard is an artist from Montreal currently studying at the Royal College of Art in London. His website is

Nicolas’s work straddles graphic design and animation. He also creates illustrations and prints.

Nicolas Ménard

See the colorful, blown-out graphics of Woop woop, chop:

Or the unique crayon-animated Micromachines:

Nicolas MénardNicolas MénardNicolas MénardNicolas Ménard
  • Nate

    Amazing work!

  • GW

    I like much of his work, especially Micro Machines. I like his use of simple expressive shapes. Nevertheless, due to his stylistic choices I’m wondering just how good of a draftsman he is. I’m not sure whether he makes some of his choices to conform to today’s lazy modernist ideas like characters that always face forward, or he’s just not very skilled and plays to his artistic strengths.