Pieter Vandenabeele Pieter Vandenabeele
Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Pieter Vandenabeele

Pieter Vandenabeele
Pieter Vandenabeele

Ghent, Belgium
Primary media:
Pencil, ink, digital
School of Arts Ghent [illustration/animation]
Major projects:
De Amateur comic
Hondenleven animated short
Pieter VandenabeelePieter VandenabeelePieter VandenabeelePieter VandenabeelePieter VandenabeelePieter VandenabeelePieter Vandenabeele

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  • enoch perrins

    Dear Chris Mcdonnell:
    My name is Enoch Perrins and I have followed every single artist u have ever placed on this website, from Gina Thorstensen -to- Pieter Vandenabeele. As a dreamer of becoming a director and animator I don’t allow myself to ever miss a chance for inspiration , and by far your posts have been the greatest source of inspiration for my life. BUT YOUR TEARING ME APPAARRTT!!!!!
    Please don’t stop just for me, if this is truly what u love doing, but Every time u post a new artist on this blog, my entire world stops, and i become devoted to learn the style, stories, and lives of every single artist. I believe that if u truly want to share the artists u find with the world, than please make it Artist Of the Month, so aspiring artists (like me) can truly learn and take in everything the artist has to offer.
    :Sincerely Enoch Perrins

    • Chris McD

      Thanks Enoch, but this inspiration-train stops for no one. If you really want to tear your inspiration-brains apart come check out five or six more years-worth of cartoon/comics/illustration posts that I’ve done over on meathaus.com!

  • vicious

    wonderful just wonderful