Sandeep Menon Sandeep Menon
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“Epic” Artist of the Day: Sandeep Menon

Sandeep Menon

Continuing our week of Epic artists, we take a look at the designs of Blue Sky visual development artist Sandeep Menon.

Sandeep MenonSandeep Menon

Sandeep works as a designer, drawing and painting concepts for objects, vehicles, environments and structures.

Sandeep MenonSandeep MenonSandeep Menon

Sandeep studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where for one project he developed concept art about a future India which included flying elephant cars and robots designed with traditional Indian motifs integrated into their structures.

Sandeep Menon

Sandeep previously worked as a product designer in India, which gives him practical experience in designing functional, real objects that he can apply to his current work designing fantasy worlds. See Sandeep’s animation design work on his blog.

Sandeep MenonSandeep Menon
  • sandeep menon

    Thank you so much Cartoon Brew :)

  • Mr. PricklePants

    Stellar work, Sandeep!

  • stephen

    and he makes some amazing halloween costumes