Shimrit Elkanati Shimrit Elkanati
Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Shimrit Elkanati

Shimrit Elkanati

Israeli artist Shimrit Elkanati creates narrative illustrations (and some animation) in scratchy pencils and pixels, depicting both family life and office culture, as well as imaginative scenes with children and animals. Here is Shimrit’s take on a rough morning at the office, BOKER (morning):

Elkanati contributes her drawings to collaborative art zines such as the Minotaur zine.

Shimrit Elkanati Shimrit ElkanatiShimrit Elkanati

See more of Elkanati’s work, including recent illustrations for the New York Times, on her Flickr and Facebook accounts.

Shimrit Elkanati Shimrit ElkanatiShimrit Elkanati Shimrit Elkanati
  • AmidAmidi

    Most of the artists we feature work in more than one discipline, which is increasingly common for the 21st century artist. The lovely thing about art is an ability to explore beyond one’s own personal boundaries and to be inspired by all the different approaches to graphic language.

    • anik

      As an animator I like the artist column for this very reason. Shimrit’s work is interesting and inspiring!