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Artist of the Day: Stef Choi

Stef Choi

Stef Choi is an artist living in Portland, Oregon. She creates illustrations, videos and other multimedia projects as part of her collaborative enterprise Belly & Bones that she runs with Tony Candelaria. Independently, she has also worked for Laika and Walt Disney Animation Studios creating character concepts and designs for various projects.

Stef ChoiStef ChoiStef ChoiStef ChoiStef Choi

These bird designs were part of Stef’s development work at Laika for a film that was never completed, Jack & Ben:

Stef ChoiStef ChoiStef ChoiStef Choi

Her personal drawings are charmingly friendly and strange, such as the illustrations she did for a small book about the life cycle of mushrooms. Visit Stef’s blog to see more development, sketchbook and illustration work.

  • Nate

    Aww, that last picture’s adorable.