Stephen Vuillemin Stephen Vuillemin
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Artist of the Day: Stephen Vuillemin

Stephen Vuillemin

Stephen Vuillemin is an artist who graduated from Gobelins in 2008 and lives in London.

Stephen Vuillemin

You can see Stephen’s portfolio and blog here which includes his GIF animated comics.

Stephen Vuillemin

Stephen has elevated the art of the animated GIF by producing work specifically for that format, and subsequently, has been commissioned by art directors to create animated GIFs to run in online publications. When the same publications run static print versions of the GIF illustrations, Stephen’s work flops the paradigm: the print version is the modified, adapted, and even inferior version when compared to the animated online version–but only because it lacks the motion. Stephen’s static illustrations are equally strange, humorous and appealing to view.

Stephen Vuillemin Stephen Vuillemin Stephen Vuillemin
  • Joel Brinkerhoff

    Heinz Edelmann would be proud!

  • Roberto Severino

    I wish this post had more comments. Great stuff all around! I love it.

  • GW

    Personally, I like his still art images but I don’t like most of them as GIFs. The only GIF shown on this page that really works for me is the one with the girl playing the video game. The other two don’t work for me because of the odd locations of detail which don’t direct my eye very well. I think that GIF images on automatic repeat are usually repetitive and annoying, especially if there’s no period where you can relax your eyes from the action. The viewer should be able to decide whether they want to see the GIF in motion and not have to see it continuously after it’s played through. If it were up to me, GIFs would be replaced with images that don’t repeat but vary, in an ever changing but somewhat constant state, except of course for things like motion comics.

    I really like that colored pencil drawing of the beast. It has a nice combination of earth tones and primary through tertiary colors.

    • Riu Tinubu

      Thank god that’s an opinion. I think the all the Gif animations are brilliant, the fact that they don’t stop and continuously happen in loop means that you won’t miss anything — watch it as many times as you want an really see the nuances work.

      It’s not a film, so you don’t have to worry about not catching it straight away. You can take your time… see it as a whole first, then look at the finer details. then appreciate it as a whole over again. It’s all wonderful when done right — as it is here.

      “I think that GIF images on automatic repeat are usually repetitive…”

      Well, yes. I think that chocolate bars made out of chocolate taste like chocolate.

      btw, your alternative to GIFs can be done, but I don’t see why people can’t enjoy both approaches.

      • GW

        I had to distinguish the annoying gifs from the other kinds so what’s there to do other than call repetition repetitive? Anyhow, you’re right that there’s some advantages to GIFs playing over and over, but I’d like at the very least some way to stop it if it gets too annoying while I want to focus on something else on the page and it’s too close to the GIF to scroll the page. I think that you would too for all the GIFs that you don’t like. But even if that isn’t so, I bet you’d like to look individually at the frames which would accomplish the same thing.

        • Riu Tinubu

          Yah that’s the thing, *every* GIF is repetitive by virtue of repeating, so it’s just an odd observation to make and state.

          If I don’t like a GIF, I carry on scrolling, or simply stop looking at it, my attention isn’t so easily manipulated/caught I guess. Though if you ever used a browser on an Apple portable device like an iPhone, they do *exactly* what you describe, as in you have to press the GIF to start in playing, and press it stop. But you don’t get a pretty freeze frame, it just turns back into ‘GIF’ button.

          Oh, this only works on Macs but…

          If you want to look at individual frames of a GIF – click and drag said GIF onto your desktop, then open it in the ‘Preview’ app — there, you can see all the individual frames and scroll through them.

  • Stephane

    Stephen Vuillemin is an incredible artist! He certainly has a world of his own!