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Artist of the Day: Studio-Takeuma


Studio-Takeuma is the professional name of an artist from Kyoto, Japan who creates illustrations with thick black lines and deeply saturated colors.


Studio-Takeuma’s line work has a bold quality that is reminiscent of lines that are ideal for printmaking techniques, especially when colored in flat blocky areas of color with suggestion of texture, as they are here. Many of these pieces also seem to have the precision-line qualities of digital art that was produced with artistic brushes, although there is the possibility that they were simply drawn with precise human skills and traditional media. In his sketchbooks Studio-Takeuma has a looser, expressive side as well which you can see on his Flickr account, like this drawing of a tiger pacing in a zoo:


See more illustration and art work from Studio-Takeuma on his portfolio website and Flickr.

Studio-Takeuma Studio-TakeumaStudio-Takeuma Studio-TakeumaStudio-TakeumaStudio-TakeumaStudio-Takeuma
  • colton

    so good

  • Mike Scott

    Amazing. Reminds me of one of my favourite artists; Patrick Caulfield.