Till Hafenbrak Till Hafenbrak
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Artist of the Day: Till Hafenbrak

Till Hafenbrak

Berlin-based illustrator Till Hafenbrak designs compositions crammed full of characters and scenery rendered in flat, solid shapes. When using limited color selections, Hafenbrak will sometimes overlay the areas of color to let them create new colors, an effect related to printing processes in which semi-transparent inks are layered atop each other.

Till HafenbrakTill Hafenbrak

Hafenbrak is one third of the self-publishing collective Edition Biografiktion which he formed with fellow classmates from Universität der Künste Berlin. Hafenbrak also created a comic strip that appeared in the sixth issue of Nobrow.

See more work from Till Hafenbrak on his portfolio website and Flickr.

Till HafenbrakTill HafenbrakTill Hafenbrak