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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Vince McKelvie

Vince McKelvie

Vince McKelvie creates experimental computer generated animation and publishes his work as animated GIF loops, hardware accelerated interactive animation, and rendered real-time interactive animation, all presented within a web browser.

Vince McKelvie Vince McKelvie

The undulating, reflective objects are hard to stop staring at. Vince creates so many that he has been able to explore variations on themes in the forms and materials of his imaginary creations.

Vince McKelvieVince McKelvieVince McKelvieVince McKelvieVince McKelvie

Visit Vince’s website here and prepare to be overstimulated. Since the site is built on the Tumblr platform, you can view Vince’s posts there in the archive view, which provides a nice catalog of animated gifs to click on.

Vince McKelvie
  • Jess Gilliam

    Absolutely LOVE his GIFs!
    You can also see a catalog of his amazing work on Giphy:

  • James VanDam

    Memorizingly Freaky. These gifs are amazing.