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Artist of the Day: Vincent Stall

Vincent Stall

Vincent “King Mini” Stall has been an active artistic voice in the independent comic scene for well over a decade. An experienced screen printer and print designer, Vincent publishes comics and posters as “King Mini” in Minneapolis.

Vincent StallVincent Stall

Vincent is also the co-owner of PUNY Entertainment, a digital media group that produces television and interactive pieces with credits that include Yo Gabba Gabba and Cartoon Network’s MAD series, among other projects. PUNY has studios in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. (Disclosure: Last year I was commissioned by PUNY Entertainment to work on some illustrations for interactive cereal websites, but did not work with Vincent directly.)

Vincent StallVincent Stall

See more of Vincent’s comics and prints on the King Mini International website, his blog and Tumblr.

Vincent StallVincent StallVincent Stall