Violaine Briat Violaine Briat
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Artist of the Day: Violaine Briat

Violaine Briat

Violaine Briat graduated from Gobelins and now works as a storyboard artist in Paris.

Violaine BriatViolaine Briat

Violaine is a prolific artist who creates personal work that includes her own world of characters that she features in wordless comics and drawings. She has collected these adventures on The Big Adventures blog and in a book published by Editions Rutabaga, Mini Aventure.

Violaine BriatViolaine Briat

Above is one panel of a 173-panel original storyboard that she created just for “fun and practice.” See the whole thing here.

Violaine BriatViolaine Briat

See the rest of Violaine’s work on her main blog, comics blog, doodle dump Tumblr, and fan art Tumblr.

Violaine BriatViolaine Briat
  • How awesome to see Violaine’s work featured here! V is a great story, visual and animation artist all at once – a rare combination.

    Oh and make sure to get her book Mini Aventure with a personally made drawing in it! They’re so detailed you wouldn’t believe they were personally hand-drawn in the book (see image – the left one is the hand-drawn one).

  • popyea

    wow, blast from the past. It’s V! Her style has evolved so much I didn’t even recognise it. So much more cartoony, it’s fantastic.

  • Nicolas

    And Violaine is a great storyboard artist too! She worked with me on many crazy episodes of Kobushi!
    Bisous Violaine!

  • Wonderful art and a great use of characters, I love it!