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Artist of the Day: Will Finn

Will Finn
Will Finn

Los Angeles, CA
Primary media:
Digital, pencil
Art Institute of Pittsburgh [commercial art degree]
Major projects:
Over 35 years as an animator, director, character designer, and storyboard artist at Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Bros., Don Bluth Productions, Filmation, Reel FX, IMAGI, Renegade Animation, and elsewhere.
Aladdin [supervising animator: Iago, Disney]
Beauty and the Beast [supervising animator: Cogsworth, Disney]
The Road to El Dorado [co-director, DreamWorks]
Home on the Range [co-director, Disney]
Upcoming: Rock Dog [story artist/consultant, Mandoo Pictures]
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Will Finn
Will Finn Will Finn
Will Finn

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  • top_cat_james

    With that one sketch, I see the possibilities in a “Confederacy of Dunces” animated feature.

    • Axolotl

      HOLY CRAP, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! (with New Orleans backgrounds in the style of Triplettes of Belleville…Darn. Now I’m depressed that it’s never going to happen.)

      • Chris

        Make it happen then…

        • Axolotl

          Sure, if some kind of work ethic…

          • Axolotl

            That was supposed to be ‘If I had some kind of work ethic.’ I’m too lazy even to finish my….

  • mick

    Best yet. I love this fella’s work… love love love it

  • Tom Hignite

    What a talent! Will also most recently directed this year’s CG 3/D theatrical release of Legend’s Of Oz:Dorothy’s Return.

  • Rej Bourdages

    Love Will’s stuff! He’s the real deal!

  • joe c

    Not only is Will a great animator, he’s dabbled in voices, too: if you’re an old school video game fan like me, you might be surprised to know he was the voice of scrawny Dexter in Space Ace.

    • Didn’t know that, now I do, and knowing’s half the battle!

  • Ryoku240

    Neat retro style here, its nice to see a vintage style that doesn’t mimic Spumco.

  • Andy Coyle

    I love Will Finn’s stuff. Some of the best cartooning around today.

  • Gary Dunn

    love it!..

  • Roberto Severino

    Will Finn is absolutely brilliant. I love reading his blog and his slick drawing style too.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I really like his character designs. I’d like to see a series made from some of these.

  • martin

    love these sketches.
    gotta respect the veterans.

  • Vin

    Will the Finn, at it again! Love the weasel!

  • FM Hansen

    I love Will’s line work and energy. Great cartooning work that looks so simple and appealing

  • Larry Levine

    Will is one of my favorite animated cartoonists (vibrant drawing style)

  • jerrybrice

    Will Finn is one of the best cartoonist/writers..funny drawing guys I know!

  • mike fontanelli

    These are hilarious! I’ve met Will a few times at parties. He’s a great talent and a funny, interesting guy to talk to.