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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: William Laborie

William Laborie

William Laborie is a graduate of the Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA) who works in London. William’s recent professional animation work includes designing characters and storyboarding on the Cartoon Network show, The Amazing World Of Gumball.

William LaborieWilliam Laborie

William shares his personal drawings, sketchbook pages and Post-it doodles which include multiple Cool Dinos and a lot of humor.

William LaborieWilliam Laborie

You can see more of William’s artwork on his Tumblr and blog.

William LaborieWilliam LaborieWilliam Laborie
  • Ivan Dixon

    Yeah! Yeah! Willy Laborie rocks!

  • william laborie

    Wooooohoooo thanks !
    I can’t believe it, it’s sooo amazing, thanks 1000 times :)

  • william laborie

    Oh I also did a storyboard for the new cartoon network show “clarence” :V