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Artist of the Day: Wouter Tulp

Wouter Tulp

Rotterdam, Netherlands-based Wouter Tulp creates a variety of narrative illustration work for children’s books, editorial use, and animated films. Also a skilled caricaturist, Tulp sketches and paints some well-known heads with humor and embellishment.

Wouter TulpWouter TulpWouter Tulp

Tulp recently created an illustration reel, embedded below. See much more from Tulp on his portfolio website and blog.


Wouter TulpWouter TulpWouter Tulp
  • Adrian C.

    Nice range in visual styles and mediums and very solid drawing ability. Great stuff!

  • Hansje

    Great artist!!

  • Sarah

    This guy is my new role model.

  • martin


  • Tomm

    Some talent

  • Rotterdam’s tulip has done very good illustration work, his work is perfect blend of art and fusion.

  • Lulu

    I’ve never seen an illustration reel before… What an interesting way to share your work!