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New Accusations: Creator Of Nickelodeon’s ‘Loud House’ Allegedly Offered Animation Work In Exchange For Sexual Favors

One of Chris Savino’s accusers has shared with Cartoon Brew the letter that she submitted to Nickelodeon during the network’s internal investigation of sexual harassment allegations against The Loud House creator.

This individual is not among the large group of women who made the initial accusations against Savino, which prompted his suspension from Nickelodeon Animation, and which led to his firing yesterday. Rather, this individual came forward during Nick’s investigation, similar to Bojack Horseman director Anne Walker Farrell.

The accuser has requested anonymity, which Cartoon Brew has granted. The identity of the individual, however, is known to both Nickelodeon and to Cartoon Brew. The letter has been edited for clarity by Cartoon Brew, and re-edited and approved for publication by Savino’s accuser.

We warn you that the details in the letter are extremely disturbing, and may trouble some readers.

I suffered the same as the other ladies in the Chris Savino case. I work in animation as a professional artist. Also I had worked for Disney Publishing, so I used to visit LA several times. That was when I met him at Disney Channel while he was directing his show Kick Buttowski.

The first time he was very nice to me. Then, he got my cell phone number, and he kept in contact with me. At that time, I was 22 years old. One night he started to text me drunkenly, asking me to prepare myself an alcoholic drink, giving me some recipes, and having fun conversation about it, so it was very weird for me. Then he sent me an Alien emoji with the Splash emoji, and asked me for nude pictures. Another night he sent me a picture of his penis, and told me a dirty secret about how he masturbates.

Then he started harassing me for years, telling me he had an open relationship with his wife, so I started to feel very uncomfortable. One day I went back to Disney to visit one of my dearest friends. Chris saw me and shouted at me, asking why I hadn’t told him I would be at the studio (he showed some jealousy about that situation). Then, years passed, and I visited Nickelodeon to join one of my friends for lunch. He learned I was in town and started asking me again by text why I never visited him, and being so annoying and aggressive. He also asked me to “hook up” with him before I left L.A, and told me if I would do inappropriate things with him, he would give me a freelance job as well.

I had an opportunity to work at Nickelodeon a long time ago and I didn’t take the job because I knew he would be inside the studio. We should never allow people to do this stuff again inside a place where there are a lot of women trying to come up in this industry!

The nature of these allegations raises some very important questions that Nickelodeon has not adequately addressed simply by firing Chris Savino, specifically:

1. These accusations, like Walker Farrell’s, date back to well before The Loud House was picked up as a series, pointing to a long predatory history that continued into the production of the series. Was no one in management at Nickelodeon aware of this when they picked up the series or at anytime in the last three years of production, or did they turn a blind eye to these extensive and longstanding rumors of Savino’s behavior?

2. The Loud House is directly based on Savino’s life. When Nickelodeon picked up the series in 2014, they said that it was “inspired by Savino’s chaotic life growing up in a huge household.” What kind of a message does it send to its audience that Nickelodeon continues to air a children’s show inspired by the life of a serial sexual predator?

3. What steps is Nickelodeon taking in the short term to ensure that Chris Savino does not continue to profit from the series and its ancillary revenue sources like licensing and merchandising?

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  • Slim Cognito

    I agree Nick management could’ve and should’ve done something but I don’t think they should stop airing Loud House just because the creator was a sicko. Separate the art from the artist.

    • AmidAmidi

      The art is ABOUT the artist. Can’t separate in this case. His DNA is all over the show.

      • Timmy

        Amid, with all due respect, I COMPLETELY emphasize and hear the concern… but rather than pointing fingers at Nickelodeon for not immediately cancelling his show… I instead am MORE concerned for the hundreds of people who work, contribute and participate in the success in this show. It is literally not probably inspired by detailed accounts of his childhood, “serial sexual deviant in training”… there are many animators who would lose their jobs probably, maybe franchise management depts that would cut back on work, marketing folks… Similar to the Harvey situations in which the many people who are involved in those movies who have no connection to him will now suffer for his actions…

        But don’t be mistaken, Nickelodeon’s concern is probably about making sure the artists feel like they’re not all about to lose their jobs, because if they WERE going to cancel the show (and I’m sure now in light of this maybe they’ll give it another year or two before quietly taking it off the air), not all the artists would be able to stay on board.

        As someone in this industry, I really hope that Nickelodeon does the worst to this guy, and fixes their processes of vetting this type of behavior, but I also hope they have the interests of all the other artists in their heart and minds (which is “do i get to keep my job”).

        • AmidAmidi

          The artists who work on this series represent perhaps one-tenth of 1 percent of the global tv animation industry and every single one of them could easily find work on another series. In fact, Nick owes it to them to re-assign them. There is no rational reason to keep alive the legacy of a sick man because it is convenient employment or profitable to a corporation. The individuals working on this show must show moral fortitude and do what is right to make up for all the hurt that Savino has caused. Keeping his baby alive is not an option.

          • I agree with most everything you have stated on this subject except that every single artist on the show can easily find work on another series. That simply is not true. You should see the resumes that come by my desk every day.

          • Timmy

            I would think that being on the other side of “convenient employment” sometimes means unemployed. And I hope to god that you’re right when you’re saying Nick could so simply re-assign them to other shows, but I’m not fully aware of Nick’s pipeline infrastructure…

            Again, I’m just coming at it from the perspective of how do they minimize punishment of others for the horrible actions of one man… especially given that there are probably dozens of artists/producers/writers etc who are probably sick to their stomach reading that their work (maybe years of work) is now simply attributed to be the brain child of a creep.

            PS. Disclaimer: I’ve never watched the show, so I’m not coming at this as some rabid fan who doesn’t want to see it cancelled. I don’t have a dog in this fight other than to hope these artists get re-assigned or keep their jobs in a fulfilling capacity.

          • Jay

            Since you’ve never watched this show, I’d like to point something out to you.

            Savino is only the director of the episodes. He has written a grand total of TWO episodes. He storyboarded only two episodes as well. And this is out of a total of 88 episodes. Savino was the director for the show, but he wasn’t the lifeblood of it. He didn’t make the characters the way they were, and he isn’t responsible for what the show is now. He can easily be replaced. In fact, quite a few episodes from Season 2 were directed by Kyle Marshall instead of Savino, meaning that Savino himself really had no involvement in those episodes.

            The Loud House doesn’t have to be tied to Savino going forward. The writers, artists, actors, etc. made the show what it is today, not Savino. They can replace him and continue making it a great show, just like how Clarence replaced Skylar Page without missing a beat and went on another two seasons with no problems.

          • cetrata

            I remember my little pony bronies hailing lauren faust as the creator of friendship is magic. And yet she only stuck around for the 1st season plis a tiny bit of 2. After she left, others replaced her and the show was still loved for a few years.

          • Drew

            But what about SpongeBob? The main complaint with that series is that the creator, Stephen HIllenburg, left. He did it out of his own volition, but it is a case study on how individuals can guide a series to either greatness or the abyss.

          • CT

            Hillenburg returned to the show several years ago.

          • Drew

            But that period between his departure and his return (2005-2014) has received heavy criticism. Just search “post-movie SpongeBob” on YouTube and you’ll find a LOT of visceral hatred, at times even vituperating the writers themselves and sending death threads.

          • Trokon Hufnagel

            Yeah, but even so, the show is what it is because of Savino’s vision; I’ve seen countless videos of him at Nickelodeon drawing the characters, talking about his influences, and making his own comics based on the characters. The show looks like a Sunday newspaper comic because he WANTED it to look like a newspaper comic, not Nickelodeon.

            To see him revealed as a sexual predator is really depressing and disgusting, but it also means that the way the Loud House currently is means that he isn’t an internally BAD person. But still, his conduct toward his female peers behind the scenes is unacceptable.

          • Animated Antic

            I understand you’re point (I am truly disgusted by Savino’s actions), but telling Nick to cancel a show millions love is just not right. I’m sure the crew enjoy working on the show, but they probably did not like working with that man.

          • Becca

            Sit down Amid. Do not apply your moral standards to the lives of people you don’t know and who had nothing to do with the situation. You don’t even know the artists, you don’t know exactly what’s going on there, please stop.

            Whatever happens to the show should be decided mutually between the crew and Nick. If they decide to shut down the show, then yes, Nick should absolutely re-assign the artists. But if the crew wants to continue the show (and Nick obviously has motivation to keep it), let them reclaim the show.

          • El Rodrigo


          • cetrata

            I think you are overreacting here amidi. Loud house evolved into a show that is different from the origins. I do think sevino deserved to be fired but the show shouldn’t be cancelled as there are other writers and animators.

          • IGeo

            People need to be more like this guy. Overeacting never solved anything and if what the guy is saying is ”true”, then classic PPG also deserves to be erased from history. (spoiler: It doesn’t.)

          • Trokon Hufnagel

            Also, while it is OBVIOUSLY influenced by Savino’s family, childhood, and interests, it is ultimately NICKELODEON’S show, they paid for it, they own the rights, and whatever they do to it is their decision, not Savino’s. All Savino did was make it the best he could.

          • Slim Cognito

            Do you realize how HARD it is to get a job in the industry??? My friend is lucky to get consistent work.

            Another friend has been applying for months to no avail.

            You’re not the moral arbiter of the industry dude.

          • Anonimator

            Amid, I have a lot of gratitude that there’s someone shining a light on injustices happening in the industry and generating discussion.

            When it comes to what should and should not happen, must and must nots…I feel this is where your rights to an individual opinion and role as a journalist can come into conflict.

            I hope as you continue to break such important news, you’ll continue to independently audit yourself for maintaining the principles of solid journalism, something that you are in a unique position to supply, and something our industry desperately needs.

          • Invertex

            If his “DNA is all over the show”, then why wasn’t it apparent from the show that he was this twisted person? Your logic makes no sense, it is a normal cartoon like any other and the vast majority of people watching it will have no idea who the creator is and thus could not possibly be influenced by his actions. In fact, if they did find out about him, it would be a good thing, because they would see that people get fired for this kind of behavior.

            You’re looking to ruin more people’s lives than the creator ever did just so you can get clicks on your site, that is itself incredibly sickening and you should be ashamed of yourself.

            Edit: Not sure why my comment is set to be waiting approval, I used no bad words :S

          • Alyx Jolivet

            Spoken like someone who is out of touch with the animation industry.
            No, its not easy to find work. Doubly hard if you are a woman or a minority. That is how reality works.

            Did you ever think to entertain the idea that maybe a woman show-runner should step in to replace Savino, keeping people’s jobs, keeping a good show on air and offering a little poetic justice to the situation?

          • I was about to suggest that but wanted to read first if someone else had that idea. I am feeling that you are, like me, in the industry, so I will side with you on this one and double down in your argumentation: IT IS NOT EASY TO FIND WORK AFTER A SHOW IS CANCELLED.

            The industry is jam packed and every artists fear the end of a series as it will mean you have to find a new place to be. It is not: you sit a desk and wait for job to come. Once a show is over, you clear the place and restart a new, It is a big empty void that takes month, a years, sometimes more, to fill, because there are a lot of “calling” but not much “call”. And unfortunately yes, woman and minorities are usually the last served in the process.

            And no it is not a small group of people that will lose their job here, it is closer from a hundred that will be affected, going from animator to the editor, sound designer, advisers, manager, story boarder, writers, concept artists, in-betweeners, cleaners, colorists, voice actors, noise actors, compositor, intern, assistants and so much freaking more.

            If you want to clean the show, just remove the guy and put someone that will be a better inspiration. Don’t blow the building to simply get ride of one mouse!

          • Alyx Jolivet

            I am. I am also one of the women who have signed this article and among many women in my circles who find Amid’s journalism to be clickbaity for the sake of hits rather than actual care and attention to the problem.

            There is a reason the Animation Women’s Demands and Grievances letter was released to Buzzfeed and NOT to Cartoon Brew. That wasn’t an accident. It was a calculation, because quite frankly Buzzfeed’s reputation and sensitivity to what is happening leans more in support of what women in this industry need – rather than the exploitive activities of this kind of gossip that only serves to HURT women, not HELP the cause.

            His article on Savino’s firing, for example? Put more women in the cross hair triggers of outraged fans than it did, say, hurt Savino.

            Perhaps one day Amid will learn but so far his actions are purely self serving and incredibly destructive.

          • anon4safety!

            You gonna pay their rent in the meantime? Surely you all know that a 1 bedroom apartment in Burbank/surrounding areas can easily top 2 grand a month, right?

            Not every artist can afford to leave the show, even if they wanted to. Many of us are paycheck to paycheck, struggling to keep up with LA’s exploding cost of living. They are already victims, don’t cost them their livelihood as well.

          • Judge Pickles

            ‘What’s for dinner?’
            ‘Moral fortitude’
            (iris out on empty plate, SFX: gurgling stomach)

          • Trokon Hufnagel

            Excuse me, but I thought that this field as a whole was very unstable and that you constantly keep moving jobs from production to production, and that animation as a whole is very competitive.

      • Stephen

        You got a win on this Savino thing. That’s great. But you gotta give it a rest now. The Loud House is about Chris Savino as much as Angry Beavers was about the time that show’s creator saw a couple beavers.

        • Revy

          Give it a rest now? I love how dudes can’t handle their favorite cartoon shows getting a spotlight shown on them when their created by sexual predators.

          Like that guy commenting on the previous news story on Savino, about how he gives him the benefit of the doubt because he really like Loud House and just can’t handle the fact that it’s creator is predator.

          Sorry you’re uncomfortable, bro. Imagine how uncomfortable the women getting harassed by Savino felt?

          • Stephen

            Say what? I don’t give Savino the benefit of the doubt. I’m 100% certain the guy’s a sexual predator. Nothing makes me happier in this world than the fact that he’s out on his ass.

            But how many people do you suppose work on the Loud House? At least 40? Do you think that we should now focus our efforts on getting the show shut down and those people laid off? Instead of concentrating on the fact that a cancer was just removed from it and those people can go on to work on a show in a safer, more comfortable environment?

            I dunno.

          • God Monkey Abu

            “Screw all the artists that make this show a reality, it needs to be cancelled because the guy who made it was a sexual predator and I can’t live with that.”
            It must be tiresome having a world view that obtuse. He’s canned, and rightfully so. And this negative press will ensure the dude will likely never work in a high profile setting again for the rest of his professional life. He was the problem, not the show, not the artists who help bring this show to life. Get some perspective.

          • Fried

            “Give it a rest now” as in the guy got fired and removed from his show and is probably now blacklisted from the industry. You don’t need to go the extra step in desiring his show to get cancelled, his dog killed, and his house burned, too.

      • Vincent Furnier

        I don’t know if thats true Amid. Its certainly an interesting discussion. There has been a long established “artist-man” dichotomy in the world. Miles Davis was a vicious misogynist who advocated the beating of women to keep them in line. And did just that regularly. I wouldn’t tell people to throw his records out.
        But he didn’t create content solely for children either. There are valid points on either side.

      • Tyler Ourada

        Dude, The Loud House is a good show. Chris was already fired from Nickelodeon, they don’t need to cancel the show.

      • Slim Cognito

        Amid, there are plenty of people in the industry I don’t like, but I still enjoy their work.

        • Barrett

          Exactly. While it’s far from a direct comparison, I happen to think Doug TenNapel has some pretty messed-up political views and he’s rather rude in how he defends them, but I love a lot of his work. I’m just not gonna have a beer with him because we’d probably end up screaming at each other within an hour or less. Doesn’t mean he isn’t still a kickass artist.

          I’m fine with blacklisting Savino so he never gets another job in animation again. If he wants to do his own online cartoons and post them online with no one working with him, he can do that, but nobody should be paying him to work with a team. But this idea that there’s no way to enjoy his work because of what we’ve learned about his personal and (un)professional conduct is kind of extreme. I can think of many very talented artists, actors and musicians who have done or supported terrible things that I still enjoy the work of. Tom Cruise is clearly a batsht crazy cult member & leading figure, but damn if he isn’t a skilled, hardworking & entertaining actor. I could go on and on, but I’ve made my point.

      • RKC

        Err what about Michael Jackson? His songs are classic and yet the allegations made against him did make it to court!
        If that is a bad comparison then what about that other cartoon Clarence? People still liked th show at after the creator was fired nor did it changed their attitude toward the show.
        I don’t condone Chris behivours he had made toward the victims but the show itself has made a positive impact for some people. Even then the shows itself is not ill intent. I don’t recalled Lincoln sexual harassing his sisters!

      • Anonymous

        [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “It is OK to post with a nickname or alias, but your email address (which we will NEVER share publicly), must be a real, permanent email address. Comments with fake or non-permanent emails will be deleted.”]

      • Chil

        You act like Savino was the only person who had a childhood in the crew. The guy didn’t even write the episodes and I’m 100% none of the things in the show happened to Savino

      • Barrett

        “His DNA is all over the show”

        As Sterling Archer likes to say: “PHRASING!”

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        Amid, I respect the work you do for Cartoon Brew, but as a news site I only want you to tell me the facts, not your own personal spin. Leave that to your Twitter or whatever it may be, but keep it off professional journalism, lest you end up getting too cocky and using CB to voice easily disputable opinions again.

  • Wow

  • Lazer-Lion

    Good riddance to a POS sex predator.

  • Noël ILL

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of a show’s creator turning out to be a fiend! People like him should NOT be granted these opportunities because it only gives them more access to victims. Ugh, it makes me LIVID. There are so many talented creators who are good, professional, people and their great ideas and pitches never see the light of day. I hope these creeps continue to get brought down. I’m sick to think that companies would turn a blind eye all for the money.

  • Robert Holmén

    To point #2… “inspired by real life events” is Hollywood for “the real stuff was boring so we wrote this instead.”

    • RKC

      Ikr or are you telling me that Chris had his siblings sing a song for him which got a real life band to come by (episode Yes Man), lure two bullies into his sister haunted maze (Tricked episode) and etc?
      Sure I know some of the plots are based on real life event (like the episode The Sweet Spot and Left In The Dark are something me and my brother did as kids as we argue over which sitting area to sit on or tv shows to watch) but I think the word “loosely” is the best decription to go alongside with “real life events”!

  • little buster

    kind of hope they take it off the air. Even though its a great show.

  • Darin Kirschner

    Maybe someone needs to look at the whole content of the series to see if there are any clues as to what creates a sexual predator…

    • Barrett

      That kind of “pre-crime” approach is a VERY slippery slope. I don’t see anything wrong with analyzing the work of people like Savino or Skyler Page after the fact, but any “conclusions” should be taken with a massive heaping of salt. If you wanted to try to use such analysis as a kind of “early warning system” for other creators, you’re gonna get a lot of false positives and end up unfairly maligning people whose only crime is having a libido and a sense of humor. We’re not all asexual robots, almost all artists have a sexual side and like to do at least the occasional cheeky drawing or gag. With the kind of mentality you describe, we should just lock up Frank Cho right now on general principles.

      I prefer going with the approach of listening to actual people who actually complain without dismissing them out of hand. That’s something that will “out” actual sexual predators. Sadly, the dismissing/minimizing angle is usually the way the pendulum swings when it comes to sexual harassment and assault.

  • Tyler Ourada

    don’t confuse art with the artist. The Loud House is an innocent show with good morals and likable characters. The show makes a lot of money for Nickelodeon, and has many devoted fans who would be very disappointed if it went of the air. Chris was already fired from Nick, it’s over you should just let things be.

    • IGeo

      If everyone thought like that the world would be a better place.

  • AmidAmidi

    I also wonder if the public would ever be aware of Chris Savino’s behavior if Cartoon Brew had not broken this story. Nickelodeon had suspended Savino but they didn’t tell the press.

    It almost certainly would not. Same for Weinstein or Roy Price. Corporations are about self-preservation; they don’t air their dirty laundry if it doesn’t benefit them. It’s up to ethical individuals inside of those companies and the media to hold them accountable.

    In this case, a lot of credit belongs to brave whistleblowers inside of Nickelodeon who felt that they could not stay silent about this matter and let their employer sweep it under the rug.

    • Barrett

      Absolutely. One of the reasons a free press is so vital is that there are often reasons that government/corporations/powerful private individuals would work in concert with one another to “sweep under the rug” things that might impinge their interests. Even when some of the parties involved might personally be disgusted with the person(s) involved, they will just refuse to do further business with them or transfer them or something, rather than actually expose the problem. The free press needs to be untethered from any such considerations, and be allowed to bring forward information gleaned. If the accused or other parties want to present additional information, let them be heard to, but let it ALL be heard in a public way.

  • IGeo

    If you believe that The Loud House deserves to Die because of the VERY loose connection to Savino’s life, you probably think that Classic PPG, or Dexter’s Lab or literally anything Savino ever worked on should be purged as well. Neither scenario makes any sense and judging by what I’ve seen in the comment section, I think allot of people will agree with me here. It’d be like never showing KND again because of the Cosby dad in the show, where a better solution would just involve replacing the dialogue with new voice overs. I’m sorry but if you think the artist and the art can’t be separated in this case, that’s your choice. I personally hope the show continues and the movie does eventually get made.

    • Turbotastic

      Yeah, I don’t think there’s any reason to end the show just because of a very loose connection to Chris’ childhood. From what I’ve seen the similarities begin and end with “Chris has a lot of siblings,” which is kind of like how Foster’s Home was inspired by Craig McCracken having an imaginary friend as a child. It just took very basic inspiration from one aspect of his childhood, and the rest is fiction built around that.

      #1 and #3 are very valid concerns, though.

    • Barrett

      Interesting that you bring up Cosby. A more direct comparison here would be “Should “Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids” be banished to obscurity because of Bill Cosby’s history of sexual abuse & rape?” I would argue, as I would in the case of the Loud House: NO.

      The fact is, neither show depends upon jokes about sexual abuse or even obliquely sexual material for its storytelling or humor. We can of course go back and read into jokes and concepts after the fact and speculate as to underlying gross motivations for those ideas. But if it’s a show that can stand on its own without the further input from the creator, there’s no reason to shut it down. If “Fat Albert” were still in production when Cosby’s crimes were brought to light, I would say it should have been shut down since he was so central to the whole thing, including voices. But this situation seems more like “Clarence”, which continued on without the creator after he committed sexual assault.

      If “The Loud House” were some kind of Adult Swim type show that hinged on stories about the sex lives of the characters, yeah, keeping it going would be weird. But I say let the show (and the jobs of everyone else) continue. I’m also pretty sure most of the intended audience for the show would like to see it keep going since it’s a popular hit.

  • anon4safety!

    Nickelodeon is partially at fault, IMHO, for not doing thorough enough background check on Savino. One look at these incredibly disturbing comics – which had an influence on what the Loud House eventually became! – is more than enough evidence to never hire him.

    (mostly sfw but disturbing content warning)

    • Polecat

      Yeah, I’m beginning to think that’s a good point.

      Or what if they did do a background check but shrugged off the results?

    • CT

      I was glad I was sitting down when I first ran across these strips. Disturbing and shocking!

    • Barrett

      A lot of animation artists do bawdy work, either for fun, or as their main work at some point in their careers. Bruce Timm did erotic work before BTAS, and Shane Glines did and continues to do erotic nudes (though nothing too explicit.) Cartoonists are generally a horny bunch, and many are pervy to some extent. Most who get famous aren’t famous for their sexual stuff (very few can follow the R. Crumb model), but there are a few like Frank Cho. I’ve even seen a few female artists who do very sexual artwork. None of that means they’re all sexual predators who don’t understand consent.

      • CT

        We’re talking incest comics here, not plain vanilla sex. A comic of a cat trying desperately see see his mother’s vagina is not something you want kids to be able to look up on the internet. This is a huge fail in vetting.

      • anon4safety!

        You totally missed the point, man. What’s disturbing about this isn’t a simple erotic or sexual nature. It’s without consent. This is a comic with INCESTUOUS RAPE as the central premise. It’s an absolute insult to other artists to compare this horror to their work.

        And clearly, this was a tell-tale sign. Someone who draws a comic about not respecting consent doesn’t respect consent in real-life – not at all surprising.

        I don’t think the show should be canceled – a new showrunner could fix what is wrong with LH. However, that doesn’t excuse whoever green-lit CS in the first place. Shame on them.

  • mash potato

    “Was no one in management at Nickelodeon aware of this…”

    I’m just spitballing here, Nick would’ve at least known something was up but did nothing because Savino did his creeping off-site and off-company-time, claiming plausible deniability until it reached a tipping point (affecting production, resignations, etc)

    • CT

      What makes you think that this behavior only happened off-site and off-company-time? That’s a rather huge assumption.

      • mash potato

        Per the testimony in this article. Unless Savino was somehow allowed to work on Kick Buttowski,at Disney studio’s premises, at night, drunk.

  • Don’t worry Loud House fans, Kevin Sullivan will take the helm

  • Javier Veliz

    I don’t think they should cancel Loud house, Clarence keep going after what happened to their creators

  • Well great, one of the most popular non-Spongebob Nickelodeon show in years was created by who does crap like this. I didn’t really want to believe this, given that he’s written for classic shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls (not to mention was close enough to Lauren Faust to write two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, even though I’d argue one of them was probably one of the worst episodes of season one), but with this many people coming out about it, it just makes me wonder how someone with this many close connections could be such a slimeball, not to mention how he’s been allowed to behave like this for years. I feel especially bade for any women who’ve worked with him, both on this show and outside of it, and I’m glad they’re seeing some sort of justice now.

    This is kind of like the Clarence situation with Skyler Page and Cartoon Network, except Clarence didn’t have NEARLY as big a following as The Loud House does. It really makes me wonder about the future of the series, especially since a movie is being planned for the show…

  • James Brawnson

    “What kind of a message does it send to its audience that Nickelodeon continues to air a children’s show inspired by the life of a serial sexual predator?”

    I don’t particularly like The Loud House, but considering it’s taken from a time where the creator, Chris Savino, was still an innocent little kid instead of an adult scumbag, I don’t see the problem with still basing it on his and the crew’s childhoods.

    I feel bad for his family, though. I think the 5 older sisters share the names of Savino’s real sisters? Jeez that must smart having your name out there when your bro is a sexual harasser.

  • CT

    I keep reading comments on many websites complaining “whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?” and claims that Savino is not getting due process of law.

    Well, he most definitely is getting due process of the law; he has not been locked up without trial!

    It’s not clear if legal charges will result or if he will ever end up in civil court, we shall see.

    Nickelodeon/Viacom has an obligation to protect it’s employees from harassment and other abusive activities which may be illegal, as well as protect themselves from being liable by allowing said abuses/activities to continue under their watch. They have every right to judge the evidence presented and execute their own “justice” by firing a person. The results of this action is what we are reading about now and his reputation is suffering.

    The rule of law is still in place, no need to freak out!

    • Ciaban Krommenhock

      I guess you could say there is a witch hunt going on, and people may be rushing to judge others due to the overall climate.
      But that is what it is.

      • CT

        And sometimes the public finds an actual evil witch and drowns him.

  • Too Many Cooks

    I truly wanted to believe Savino was innocent, but at this point it’s impossible for me to believe that, and I’m profoundly upset. I’ve been a fan of his work since PPG and Dexter’s Lab. The Flintstones on the Rocks is my second favorite interpretation of the characters, behind the even darker DC comics one. Loud House was often too sappy for my tastes, but I liked the characters and their quirks, and the idea that someone who had such a large influence on my childhood and who was capable of embuing such sweetness in his work is guilty of being is abusive upsets me. I guess I should’ve learned to stop expecting basic ethical competency from people in Hollywood over the past few months, but this still packs a punch.

    I’m opposed to taking away his royalties, though. That’s a terrible precedent, and there are many people who have done similar and worse things who continue to receive royalties.

    • CT

      He’s clearly violated his contract with Nickelodeon/Viacom and likely has forfeited future royalties. He might even cut off completely from getting any money from the show because the company could take him to court and sue him for damages to their company and brand. The lawyers will sort it out, but he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

      • Ciaban Krommenhock

        You have to prove damages though.
        And if you take him to court over this and it becomes a huge thing it just stays in the media limelight longer, and becomes a point of public discussion.

        Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. (Obviously not when it comes to sexual harassment)

        At the end of the day, it’s just money, who cares if he makes a few extra bucks from the success of the show. It’s the last he’s making in this industry, we can all forget about him, and he can go fuck off.

        • CT

          Yes, of course, I’m speaking of the near-future. If Nick can prove that this scandal, caused by Savino himself, leads to their number 2 show (Loud House) being taken off the air and the movie being cancelled, then they’ll have plenty of proof of damages. The entire Nick brand could suffer as a result of this scandal as well, not to mention settlements/payouts that the company will make to HIS victims, so he could be on the hook for a ton of money.

    • megadrivesonic

      I’m in the same boat here. I also wanted to believe he was innocent but more keeps coming without any signs of stopping. I hope the cartoon doesn’t suffer from all this.

  • Ciaban Krommenhock

    As for #3, if he has any legal ownership rights to the show, there isn’t much you can do about “preventing him from profiting” the only option would be to cancel it and never let it go into reruns etc. But then your effectively punishing all the men and women who work on it, making it less likely that others in the future will come forward for fear of losing their job, or costing others their job. And of course you’ll also be punishing the fans.

    Even if it makes you feel gross that he’s still profiting, at the end of the day, it’s just money, it really doesn’t matter.

  • CT

    What’s gonna happen? This = Nickelodeon will begin airing Season 3 in early 2018 to test the waters. If the ratings plummet from what they were, then the show will be cancelled.

    This is me being optimistic. Because if the ratings of the current season drop at an alarming rate, it’s all over.

  • “Should “Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids” be banished to obscurity because of Bill Cosby’s history of sexual abuse & rape?”

    It already has

  • Some people are saying “what about all those innocent people who work on The Loud House, should they be out of a job, just because of the contamination of the bad lemon?” Well what about all the people who worked for Harvey Weinstein or any Hollywood big name who’s accused of degeneracy? (It’s different but still)
    It would be better for Nick to can The Loud House, but as I said before, they need it

  • Chris B.

    Once again raises the question of ‘do we separate the art from the artist?’ – and I’m still not sure. What troubles me is that there is probably so, so much nasty stuff that goes on behind the scenes of TV, movies, music etc that we’re all blissfully unaware of, and If we did somehow unearth all of it, I feel like there’d be so much that we’d be basically FORCED to separate the art from the artist. And I don’t think that’s being too pessimistic. I’ve noticed that everyone who has spoken about this subject has always said something along the lines of “This goes on ALL the time. It’s horrible.”. So it seems likely that a lot of the stuff we love is probably tainted in some way that we just don’t know about. And does knowing about it really make that much difference? To some, yes, but the end result is the same. Now, I’m not at all saying that being a creep like Savino is to be tolerated – if all this being said about him is true then I hope he gets what’s coming to him – I just think that perhaps the best thing we can do in the face of the horribleness in the world, is to maintain the joy. I’ll concede, there are cases out there where this just isn’t possible – but the Loud House? I doubt kids know or care who Savino even is, they just like the cartoon show, so why take that joy away?

  • Mister_Munchie

    I have to say I agree with Amid. In a perfect world, Nickelodeon would make a strong statement by cancelling the show, shelving the unaired episodes and offering the staff work on new or existing shows. If suitable work can’t be found at Nick, help with job placement or a generous severance package would be provided. A mega corporation CAN contribute a positive statement to right this wrong, AND take care of the innocent staff that is affected by that decision.

  • CT

    So, Savino has issued an apology on Facebook. It is so disingenuous, it’s pitiful. From the little we’ve been made aware of; one victim described his actions of offering animation work in exchange for sex, then we’ve heard of his threats of blacklisting former playthings on his staff who were no longer giving him any action. He was fully aware of what he was doing and likely got off on abusing his position of power. This isn’t about making people feel uncomfortable in the workplace, which he thinks it all boils down to, Chris Savino was systematically victimizing young naive girls on his staff, threatening their careers, and trying to force or manipulate them into having sexual relations with him. This “apology” makes it sound like he was oblivious that he was harming anyone while he was doing it, which simply can not be believed.

    • Trokon Hufnagel

      I’m absolutely shocked at that comment. Savino’s really a two-faced card…

  • sara

    Don’t punish the seed for the sins of the parent. He created the show. it’s his baby. just because he ****ed up doesn’t mean the show must die. Just give it up for adoption. let someone else take care of the show. punish him….not the fans, not the rest of the crew….just punish him.

  • Trokon Hufnagel

    I thought that showrunners didn’t earn royalties or anything from their creations that they sold to the networks. I thought all the profit goes back to the network and show production.