Cartoon Culture

Major Woody

Q: What do you get if you combine Jessica Rabbit and Winnie
Woodpecker? A: The logo for Major Woody’s Bar in downtown …



Karl Cohen (president of ASIFA-San Francisco) just sent us his
first impressions of Walt and El Grupo the new film by Ted …


Tomorrow night in Manhattan is the big event. And there is still
time to get tickets and a good seat. And it’s …


Michael Jantze, former art director at ILM and former newspaper
cartoonist (The Norm), has started animating cute little …


Got a postcard from Marv Newland today. He wrote:The Vancouver
Art Gallery is launching a large scale exhibit on May 16th, to …

Cartoon Culture

Is this the fate of Bugs Bunny? Suicide Food is a blog that
tracks food marketing that depicts animals (usually cartoon …

Music Videos

Thanks to several of our readers, I’ve just caught up with this
music video from French music group, Justice. It’s directed …


This trailer has been out for almost a year, but in case you
missed it (or the newer, more action packed one leaked on …