The Complete POGO

Great news for fans of Walt Kelly (like me). Fantagraphics Books has
acquired the rights to publish a comprehensive series of Walt …



Click here to see the large size version of this promotional
image, above, from Foodfight. Can you spot the product …


This one’s even better. Click here to see the new Seinfeld
Bee Movie trailer with Steven Spielberg – and some actual


Here. Practice your inking skills with this 1934 Popeye Inking
Chart direct, via a time warp, from the Fleischer Studios. And …


“Hi! I’m Mr. Mo Cap! I’m the future of animation!” I woke up
this morning to the news that Disney is entering a …


One of the pleasures of my monthly cartoon screening gig with
Janet Klein at the Steve Allen Theatre (first Thursday of every …

Old Brew

Brew readers with a keen eye and a vast knowledge of Disney TV
and movies, here’s a question for you. These cels (above) were …

Old Brew

Since we’ve been down for several hours (changing servers), we
have a lot to catch up on.• Yes it’s true. Dreamworks and …