Watch A Roundtable with Oscar-Contending Animation Directors and Producers


The Hollywood Reporter offers this 40-minute video roundtable with six people behind the animated features contending for an Oscar nomination this year: Big Hero 6 co-director Don Hall, Laika owner and Boxtrolls lead animator Travis Knight, Song of the Sea director Tomm Moore, How to Train Your Dragon 2 producer Bonnie Arnold, Book of Life director Jorge Gutierrez, and The LEGO Movie producer Dan Lin. A transcript from parts of the discussion can be found on the Reporter website.

  • vincenzosz

    I love these! Glad to have another animation related one. Thanks for sharing!

  • That guy

    If you only watch one part of this, let it be at 30:24. Gold star for what Travis has to say.

  • Luke

    The Chris contingency is notably absent this year.

  • Delta

    I love what Travis says, and it’s great how he’s trying to be considerate yet blunt at the same time.

    Personally, I didn’t like HTTYD 2 at all. I think my feeling of it will change after a second viewing, but as first impressions go- it was not my movie. And this wasn’t because it was a sequel necessarily, though, like Travis said, that one movie is supposed to be about the most critical period in a protagonist’s life. And making another movie just diminishes that. (Unless it’s a continuation of it.)

  • David

    Travis Knight is on the money 100% on remakes/”reboots”/sequels/prequels.

  • Matt

    I’d rather have a round table with the individuals who are judging for animation…

    “So guys, do you intend to do your job this year?”