Coda by Alan Holly. Coda by Alan Holly.

Alan Holly’s ‘Coda’ Wins Top Prize at Fest Anča

Coda by Alan Holly.

Irish filmmaker Alan Holly’s Coda was the grand prize winner at Fest Anča, which wrapped up last Sunday in Žilina, Slovakia. Holly’s film, which follows a lost soul as it stumbles drunkenly through the city and meets Death, also won the animation prize at SXSW earlier this year. The film was funded by the Irish government’s Film Board and national broadcaster RTÉ under their Frameworks program.

Other winners at Fest Anča include Nicolas Ménard for his student film Somewhere, which has previously been featured on Cartoon Brew, Benjael Halfmaderholz for the music video “Mañana Forever,” and Slovak filmmaker Joanna Kozuch, who won the top Slovakian film award for Fongopolis.

A complete list of winners follows:

Anča Award

Coda (Ireland)
Director: Alan Holly

Max Hattler Personal Special Mention
To thy Heart / Do serca Twego (Poland)
Director: Ewa Borysewicz

Peter Badač Personal Special Mention
Choir Tour (Latvia)
Director: Edmunds Jansons

Michael Frei Personal Special Mention
Mother / Maman (France)
Director: Ugo Bienvenu, Kevin Manach

Anča Student Award

Somewhere (United Kingdom)
Director: Nicolas Ménard

Anča Student Special Mention

The Incredible Elastic Man / Nieprawdopodobnie elastyczny człowiek (Poland)
Director: Karolina Specht

Anča Music Video Award

“Mañana Forever” (Germany)
Director: Benjael Halfmaderholz

Anča Music Video Award Special Mention 1
“Best Friend” (Poland)
Director: Kijek/Adamski

Anča Music Video Award Special Mention 2
“We’ve been lovin” (United Kingdom)
Director: Gavin C Robinson

Anča Kids Award

Us (France)
Director: Ulrich Totier

Anča Slovak Award

Director: Joanna Kozuch

Anča Slovak Award Special Mention
In Line / V rade
Director: Kamila Kučíková

Di Award

The Story of a Tornado / Ako vzniká tornádo
Director: Veronika Kocourková

  • tomm

    coda is one of the best frameworks shorts ive seen in years.

  • Rob B

    Well deserved.

  • Mike

    On seeing things like this and the output of the NFB of Canada, I really wish my taxes were helping fund animation initiatives too.