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‘Zootopia’ Wins Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature

Disney’s Zootopia, directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, won the Golden Globe tonight for best animated feature.

The Golden Globes are presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of around one hundred foreign film journalists who live in the Los Angeles area. The other nominated films in the category were Disney’s Moana, the Switzerland/France co-production My Life As A Zucchini, Illumination’s Sing, and Laika’s Kubo and the Two Strings.

Since the Golden Globes instituted a best animated feature in 2006, a Walt Disney Company-produced film has won the award 9 out of 11 times.

  • Jason

    If Steve Carell or Kristen Wiig called animation a genre, that would have been less annoying than what actually happened.

    • ea

      What did you expect? The general public doesn’t take animation seriously.

  • Cellophane

    And they’ll be winning everything like they always do, because it’s Disney and it’s “woke”

    • Pedro Nakama


    • Mike

      At least this one was both well crafted AND an interesting film that actually took some creative steps. I’m much happier to see it succeed critically than some more pap like Frozen.

  • ea

    How come the foreign press only nominated ONE non-american film?

  • I think this one really deserved it…But Kubo too.

  • Luis Eduardo Huerta Ramos

    The characters, script, animation and story was on point to make this a timeless movie. Well Deserved this year!

  • Zorro

    Zootopia deserved this one.

    • Dusty Ayres

      Kubo deserved it more.

  • This was expected. But nevertheless, I’m glad Zootopia won. It was an-all around fantastic film.

    On a side note, I’m a little surprised that they nominated Sing over something like Finding Dory.

  • Max C.

    Apart from this, the Golden Globes were the most spot-on yet. But of course Zootopia had to win, it being Disney, despite of its repetitious formula and heavily troubled, unsubtle allegory. It’s entertaining enough but as a whole it’s the most frustrating Disney film I’ve ever seen, animated or otherwise. I would be much happier if Moana took the prize.

    • Tastes like candy

      That “unsubtle allegory” has been praised since March and continues to be praised! Your opinion is just that, an opinion!

  • Cam Jirrey

    The whole nomination list was kind of a mess for me anyways. Personally, it should have been ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ on the list instead of ‘Sing’ and ‘My Life as a Zucchini’.

    But congrats to ‘Zootopia’ though!

  • It was either going to be Zootopia or Kubo (though I really believed it would be Zootopia as the winner). Both are great films, the best of 2016.

  • otterhead

    Much deserved. As much as I loved the artistry and craft of KUBO, this was the best animated film of the year, I think.

  • TheDisbeliever

    Well deserved.

  • really zootopia deserved it

  • Patrick Moore

    Congrats to Zootopia! What the Golden Globes need to do now is finally do a animated series category, and finally give The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, and Bob’s Burgers some Golden Globe love too.

    • Chris Snugens Jacobsen

      Not before Rick and Morty, Bojack, and Steven Universe. They are the cream of the crop right now.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    Kubo was awesome, but I can’t complain about Zootopia winning. Great movie.

  • Boba Fett

    Zootopia is overrated. Falls apart in the second half.