Animals Sing Against Adultery Animals Sing Against Adultery
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Animals Sing Against Adultery

If you had a crazy weekend, these singing cartoon animals will set you straight.

The studio that created this vintage curio is Rick Reinert Productions. Reiner got his start animating at MGM where the cartoons were considerably less Commandment-oriented.

(Thanks, Celia Bullwinkel)

  • Seems like a Drawn Together gag…wait, no penis jokes.

  • Oh man… I think I’m going to be sick. I love how they forgot to colour in the Kenny Rogers lion’s belt for a few frames at 00:29. Could it be that the animators were not loving working on this project? Naaaaaaah.

  • That was a perfect laugh for my Monday morning. Be sure to be loyal kids and in a decidedly heterosexual relationship.

    I feel for the man. I have worked for extremely christian clients through studio freelance jobs and I can tell you stories that would make you cry. The shame is thick sometimes and the creative freedom nonexistent. The strict moral guidelines leave little room for things cartoons usually need like…fun and…enjoyment.

    The things animators do for a buck.

  • Well, that’s one way to keep kids off of Ashley Madison I guess…

  • VinceP

    I feel like I’m being scolded for something I didn’t do!! LOL

    It’s so passive-aggressive it reminds me of an uncomfortable family reunion. My heart goes out to both the animators and the poor kids forced to watch this.

  • David Sheahan

    “Their kisses may taste sweet…” So, I may be getting the wrong message here, but I AM allowed to taste other people’s kisses, right? As long as I don’t follow through to second base? Because it probably would be a good idea to taste just how sweet those other people’s kisses are, before saying “No! I made a PROMISE!”

  • Sam

    If only Tiger Woods saw this when he was a kid.

    And goodness…. “When Honey drips from Candy coated lips.”???!!!???!?

  • Chris B

    I am sorry Jerry and Amid after watching this video i have to admit I have been venturing to your rival, Anime Stew.. :O Can you forgive me?

  • I’m certain the lion was one of the original Care Bears voices.

  • . . ..but I just got done having sex with lots and lots and lots of different people. . . NOW you show us this! :[

  • Funny enough, few months back I saw animation cels from this being sold on eBay. I wondered where they came from, and now I know…

  • Mike Kazaleh

    The layouts for this sequence were done by Lynne Naylor and myself. This was done in 1988. It was an hour television special called “The Kingdom Chums.” Yes, it had a very bad script. The ABC executive who came up with the concept was sacked by the time it aired. I did a lot of work on that picture.

    Rick Reinert’s studio was a very nice place to work. His right hand man Dave Bennett is one of the great unsung talents in our business. Rick himself painted the beautiful watercolor backgrounds in this sequence.

  • amid

    Awesome, Mike! Thanks for sharing the production info.

  • I kept waiting for Screwy Squirrel to pop up and yell “Oh, brother! Not THAT!”

  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood

    Why were they singing it to the kids? Was the little girl married to one of the boys and about to cheat on the other one? Was this made specifically for kids in the South?

  • “When strangers get to near, make it loud and clear you’re loyal.”

    To me that sounds like being an obnoxious, oppressive jerk to anyone who so much as looks at your girlfriend. Probably not what they were going for.

  • Mark

    Arizona has an upcoming bill to make Adultery an offense punishable by fines and possible prison time. I’m sure they’ll want to utilize this ad in their offense.

  • Wow, so much hatin’ going on! Bad writing and artwork aside, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to put a little morality into kiddie fare. Just like with ultra-violent cartoons, if it doesn’t align with your values, don’t let your kids watch it.

  • Gareth

    Ah, the Kingdom Chums. This video was a constant presence in my VHS player when I was younger. Looking back at it, yes, it’s a terrible piece of Christian kitsch that’s an obvious ripoff of the Care Bears, but back then, it held my attention.

    For those who are curious and don’t want to watch the entire short, it basically boils down to a competition between the two boys: the Kingdom Chums (which include Christopher (the lion), Marvelous Mose (sic), and Little Miriam the Yes-You-Can Bear (ugh)), sing songs about the Ten Commandments, and the boys have to guess what the song means (difficult, I know). The winner gets a Gold Record of the song; the one with the most records wins them all.

    And Kelseigh, the lion is actually Tony Orlando of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Ole Oak Tree” fame. The female cat is Debbie “You Light Up My Life” Boone.

  • I remember seeing this too. thanks for the info gareth.

    i agree with meredith. While the writing and design may not be top notch – I love the message! And it is very needed in our society today. If you dont agree you dont have to watch it.

  • A child young enough to be entertained by this would be too young to have any feelings of lust let alone grasp the concept of adultery.

    Preacher: Ok little Jimmy, you can’t kiss anyone but your wife.

    Little Jimmy: Hurr durr OK.

    That aside, I thought it looked good. It’s unbelievable how out of touch some ideas are though.

  • El

    I have this on an ancient videotape. Watching it as an adult makes me feel sorry for all the people over the years who have had to figure out how to present the seventh commandment to 5-to-10-year-olds.

    I still like it though. It’s just a little 50-minute cartoon about the Ten Commandments and doesn’t pretend to be much else. It’s no cheesier than anything else I watched and loved as a kid, and better animated than some of what I watched and loved.

  • Inkan1969

    Cool, the Kingdom Chums. I remember seeing the special when I was a kid. Thanks for the info about it, Mike. Onward, Christian Furries. :-)

    I know of one other KC special, about David and Goliath. That had a racoon as “Little David”. Other Chums that appeared as narrators were King Christopher and “Magical Moses”. Their Moses character was a magician in the first special, but not in this one. I strongly suspect that some viewer objected and insisted on the change. :-) I guess though that only these two specials were made?

  • Well I can see why the Bible isn’t animated and the ten commandments weren’t given to us in a song & dance routine. I wonder if these guys did one about the sixth commandment. A cute little animal about to blow the head off of another cute little animal until he hears the other animals singing the “don’t murder” song. Some other things about this one: I don’t think animals can actually commit adultery; I’m not sure any of the animals in this little cartoon are actually monogamous in nature; aren’t all worker honeybees female? So that means… Yeah; they forgot to say that adultery was a sin deserving a punishment of death. Parents and pastors should be the ones teaching the Bible to kids, not cartoons. Not that I don’t love the commandments, I just don’t think they are meant to be considered “fun” I guess. I can see how this would be painful to work on. All Law and no Gospel. *ugh*

  • Gareth

    Meredith, you say that this special has bad artwork and bad writing, and yet you defend it because it tries to “put a little morality into kiddie fare.” It’s this kind of sentiment that I feel is damaging to Christian pop culture and Christianity as a whole. A lot of people feel that as long as you slap a Bible verse and a moralistic message on something, there’s no need to judge it by anything else. Just because it tries to teach something good does not make it of good quality.

    Another example of this: the Ten Commandments movie that Cartoon Brew posted way back in 2007:

  • I don’t see any Hawaiian albatrosses in that video…

  • Such a lie. Animals screw whatever they want, whenever they want.

  • @inkan969: Yep, that was the one with Paul Winchell as the king!

  • Grayson Ponti

    Haha funny. I love romance but something like this would be one of the last things I’d animate! Not because I believe in cheating but animation can be so much funner than that.

  • The only religious animation I’ve ever seen that did its subject justice was the stop-mo “The Miracle Maker” (animated in Russia I think).

    In general however, I think casting your deeply held principles in the same not-to-be-taken-as-reality universe as Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera characters is counter-productive.

  • Cyber Fox

    This is the 2nd and last of the Kingdom Chums specials
    the first being “Little David’s Adventure” which was produced by DiC

    I know people are poking fun of the fact that what we’re seeing is anthropomorphic animals singing about not to cheat on one’s spouse or girlfriend but keep in mind that this is CHRISTIAN CARTOON thus the teaching of the Ten Commendments hence the title “The Kingdon Chums: The Original Top Ten”

    I saw the special on YouTube, It’s enjoyable but it’s christian overtones are a bit over the top on some occassions like for example the sequence for the song “No Idols” where they have statues of Music and Sports stars crumbling to pieces

    I suggest cutting The Kingdom Chums some slack, They are likeable characters and please enjoy the specials as they are :3

  • Scarabim

    So maybe it’s not Oscar-caliber, but given the fact that kids see adultery, murder, theft, casual cruelty and misogyny everywhere on the tube these days, ESPECIALLY in cartoons, and all played for laughs, I don’t think this Christian polemic is all that bad. And I’m speaking as a pagan here.

  • Celia

    Rick Reinert also produced the TV spot of this memorable character from the 1980’s: Captain O.G Readmore!

    These cute spots were placed in commercial breaks during the saturday morning cartoon block, reminding kids to read.

    Any animated show you were watching looked a lot crappier after you saw these spots, since the production value of OG Readmore was much higher than to the actual programming on ABC.

  • Inkan1969

    Here you go, Eric.

    Actually the idea of using kids’ crayon drawing style is sweet.

    Thanks for the link, le furry enrage. They never show David beheading Goliath, do they? So they made only two. Pity. I would’ve loved to have seen how the makers would handle the passion of King Christopher. :-)

    I was channel surfing one Easter and on TBN I saw a stop motion animation of the gospels that also included 2D animations of parables. Actually, the production values were very good. Could that be “the miracle maker”?

    I don’t think the cartoon being a religious cartoon or a little kids’ cartoon is an excuse to be mediocre. I’m reminded of “Sita Sings the Blues”. I’m not Hindu and I don’t know if Paley is or not; the movie did not convert me. But the movie gave me a very moving impression of what people find timeless and inspirational in the Ramayama. Very compelling. I’d like to see Nina Paley tackle bible stories. I bet they’d have a strong sense of human drama.

  • Anthony

    @Eric: “A cute little animal about to blow the head off of another cute little animal until he hears the other animals singing the “don’t murder” song.”

    “They say don’t kill. Well that’s not very odd. Since we’re all created by God.”

  • Osamu Tezuka’s studio did adaptations from the Bible, commissioned by the Vatican, no less. Tezuka died during the production.

  • pheslaki

    “No adultery means no breaking promises”?
    Oh really?

    I just broke my collarbone, I’m in excruciating pain, laughing made me hurt even more, but thank you – I needed the laugh regardless.

  • dbenson

    This seemed less about moral uplift for kids than a bunch of grownups congratulating themselves on having something flashy to show at meetings (“Your donations at work!”). I’m sure they didn’t consciously set out to waste their time and money, but the result is still like those “edgy” ad campaigns that bulk up an agency’s portfolio and make some executive clients feel like big players, but do nothing at all for the product.

  • TheGunheart

    I find the designs adorable, but I had to watch with the sound off. There’s just something wrong about a cartoon cat that hardly looks out of her tweens singing about that sort of thing…

  • it’s pat

    Now I wanna see the “Be Celibate” cartoon from the secret McVatican training video.
    “When your hands wander towards little kid’s bums
    remember what you learned from the Kingdom Chums
    Be celibate, because it’s no sweat, so we don’t regret
    and settle out of court for undisclosed sums”

  • Alfons Moline

    Rick Reinert Productions also animated for Disney the Pooh featurette WINNIE THE POOH AND A DAY FOR EEYORE (1983) and the educational short WINNIE THE POOH DISCOVERS THE SEASONS.
    I am sure that this is the kind of stuff Ned Flanders makes his children watch!

  • Christopher Smigliano

    We were force-fed stuff like this back in Catholic school. Especially with the music. I can’t say it helped any. In fact, the Altar boys were the biggest troublemakers. Makes me cringe.

  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood

    What’s really sad is that Billy Preston was one of the voices. Think about it: what would be going through your mind doing this piece of schlock knowing that just over a decade before, you had come THIS CLOSE to being invited to join The Beatles?

  • eeteed

    mike kazelah said:

    “…His right hand man Dave Bennett is one of the great unsung talents in our business…”

    amen! dave bennett is a mega talent! i don’t understand why his name and his works aren’t better known.

    perhaps animation brew could point its limelight on him?

  • charles

    Cool cartoon!

  • Vzk

    Oh, the irony of animals singing about monogamy!

    If only it was a Mormon or Muslim cartoon. Pedobear would most likely make it into the latter ;)

  • MadRat

    I saw this cartoon on PoE-TV and couldn’t understand who it was made for. Now that I understand the context of 10-commandments-for-kids, it makes more sense.