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Avatar vs. Delgo V.2

File this under “People who don’t know when to quit while they’re ahead”: The producers of Delgothe biggest bomb of 2008 – are considering a lawsuit against James Cameron over the similarities between their film and his Avatar.

(Cue the laughter).

(Thanks, Mark Mayerson)

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  • This could be a smart move (publicity wise), and while I don’t think they can go anywhere legally, this may help build the cult status of Delgo.

  • Kevin Martinez

    Everything about the Avatar/Delgo thing is ludicrous. The alleged stolen elements are things that were old in the days of ancient Greek literature.

  • creepy

    it s surprising that they have similarities. I’m sure its coincidence. needless to say it is brilliant for this to happen and breath life into Delgo. one way or another Delgo is going to get more cash because of the similarities.

  • matt

    Oh brother. Are they going to sue the descendants of John Smith and Pocahontas too? And all the other million “he learned their ways as if he were born to them and in time led them (usually an American that does this)” stories & films that follow that archetypical form? Jay-zus! Leave “Dances with Thundersmurfs” alone, ya leeches. I realise you’re just trying to claw back some of the money but the horse is dead man, stop whacking it.

    It would be cool though if this retrograde action caused a chain reaction of every earlier film suing the next, sorta like an auto pile-up…

  • startend

    No. Just no.

  • Jose Manuel

    in my opinion avatar looks more like fernguly the last rain forest rather than delgo!

  • It’s a real shame they don’t have any clear thinking at the studio that made Delgo. Because at this point they could have said something useful like “This is a fucking stupid idea!”.

  • ack

    Lawsuits are never a smart move publicity wise.

  • Well

    I just want to make it known this is not the unanimous opinion of Fathom. One of the main creators of the film had no idea this was being considered until it was online. It is very likely to be a greatly mis-worded press release, and hopefully nothing will come of it.

    I don’t know what happened with Delgo, and like others, didn’t care for it myself. That being said, I really nope no other animator’s personal efforts will have to undergo the smug bullying that this film went through by the very people who should be supporting the idea of independent animation.

  • Doofus

    Had they been smart and done something better looking in terms of character design….and animation….they could’ve had something…. now it’s just kinda’ awkward.

  • Does this spell, ‘Desperate promotion’?

  • Some Chick

    “Dances with Thundersmurfs” – Matt

    Dang, and I’d been calling it “Ferngully: the Spirits Within”.

  • Adam

    You know, when I was telling my girlfriend about the trailer, she couldn’t figure out what I was trying to say – till I said, “Imagine Delgo if Delgo didn’t SUCK, and was directed by James Cameron.” And she said, “Oh, wow, that could be great.”

    Heh, Dances with Thundersmurfs. Perfect. Mighty whitey is gonna go and out-alien the aliens!

  • This story could end up selling more copies of Delgo…mission accomplished!

  • Heres my opinion
    you guys tell me what u think

    Avatar Still looks bad.

    Delgo looked bad too.

    Law suit is stupid tho.

    Next thing you know Stan Lee is suing Brad Bird for the Incredibles

  • Fred Cline

    It’s hard to “quit while you’re ahead” if you’ve never been ahead!

  • greg manwaring

    Guess I should sue too!!

    I came up with a similar concept around ’96 and pitched it to Roland Emmerich in 2004. He had to pass because his buddy James Cameron was preparing to make a similar type film.

    These things simply happen… …those guys should just be happy their film came out.

  • FAKE!
    The internet has the most appallingly under equipped critical faculties. And yes, I’m talking about Brew readers.

    James Cameron spends years talking about this deal-breaker of a picture, that is supposed to define effects movies for the next decade – and when it turns up, its just another (albeit more expensive) entry into that peculiar genre that houses Delgo, Battle for Tera or a host of other such productions that dance on the borders of competency and which no one has heard of.

    One of the dominating publicity vacuums of next year, promises to be another trip to Uncanny Valley that will further muddy the path for good cartooning – and no one has anything to say about this? Instead the internet considers the appropriate response to this, is to call cheat on Mr Cameron!? Woods for the VUE 8 trees, people?

    James Cameron makes the worst series of creative decisions since John Lasseter put the eyes on the windshield, and all internet can think to do is call cheat on where the man got his terrible ideas from.

    Internet should be ashamed of itself.

  • christian



  • Peter

    Even if Delgo didn’t outright suck and were directed by James Cameron, that wouldn’t get my hopes up. At the end of the day, Avatar still feels like a video game intro. If Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within didn’t work, why would this?

  • I

    I have a bias against characters with long philtrums. With the exception of E.T.

  • Andy

    Remember, Cameron also made “Piranah 2”. Just sayin’…

  • TheGunheart

    Wait, wait, wait…Tony, did you just dis Susie the Little Blue Coupe?

    Frankly, I prefer the eyes on the windshield. It spaces the eyes from the mouth (bumper), allowing the hood to serve as a nose. It gives it a cute, almost animal-like appearance that I find MUCH more appealing than the creepy headlight eyes configuration or the dreaded “hood mouth”.

  • LOL Any money that the Delgo guys could get from Cameron, would then be taken by Disney, for illegal use of character design :-P

  • Vvek

    from what i heard – i thought it was proven, that delgo createors were once on the avatar team & delgo was nothing but a revenge project.