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Bad Ideas

Awesomely Bad Misuse of Classic Animation

Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes

Brew reader Roy Miles writes, “I saw a commercial for this while watching Spider-Man cartoons with my daughter. I thought you would get equally creeped out as I did. The commercial was on Disney XD.”

The company takes Golden Age animation that has entered the public domain and adds “hip-hop” nursery rhymes over them. There are samples on the company’s website. The product’s highlights, according to them, are:

* 100% Profanity Free
* Perfect for those long road trips
* No derogatory themes or message
* Can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and around anyone
* Introduce your kids to hip-hop the right way
* Will make you regret ever having kids
(OK, I made the last one up.)

  • Roger

    This looks suspiciously like Max Fleischer/Betty Boop cartoon footage.All of which are copyrighted by King Features/Hearst.

  • None of the links open for me but it sounds a lotlike what Alex Gorosh is doing over at

  • Um…I have to admit…that I think this is kind of AWESOME. Not that I’d rather see these cartoons with hip hop than Cab Calloway, etc. But it’s kind of interesting…

    I did like the combination of rap and Beatles when DJ Danger Mouse mixed Jay Z’s Black Album with Beatles’ White Album (if you can relate the two projects at all).

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > * Will make you regret ever having kids
    (OK, I made the last one up.)

    Still, why doesn’t it not surprise me if every parent thinks that way! I would never introduce my offspring to hip-hop this way, or at all!

  • uncle wayne

    Thanx for the warning!! I can think of nothing more gross!! (And what a total ruination of what WAS!!)

    Ycchhk! My crawfish fetaccini is coming up!!

  • This is interesting. Over on they advocate the abolishment of copyright – so that anyone can take anyone else’s work and do anything with it — like The Hip-Hop Nursury Rhyme Collection.

    Interesting that two arts-themed sites would have such opposing views.

  • “* 100% Profanity Free”
    Unless someone would re-remix them with adult themes

    “* Perfect for those long road trips”
    If you’d actually want to play them over and over. Some of the kids would be on their iPods listening to Disney music anyway.

    “* No derogatory themes or message”
    Well the whole idea of hip hop mixing with nursery rhymes is a rather mean-spirited idea.

    “* Can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and around anyone”
    Well, that’s understandable, but why listen to this anyway?

    “* Introduce your kids to hip-hop the right way”
    Even though your kids are already listening to them on the radio or being sung by kids in those “Kids Pop” CDs (or whatever they were called.)

  • Mintz Meat

    Isn’t ‘The Old Man of the Mountain’ a lecherous old man? Now that’s what I call a message for the kiddies! The cartoon, of course, deserves better than this.

  • fishmorgjp

    $18.98 for this? Not even worth 99 cents at the dollar store.

  • I want a copy.

  • JP

    This is so horrible, it’s greatness. I’ve had “Old King Cole” stuck in my head now all afternoon!

  • FP

    I threw up a little bit…
    in your mouth.

    In other words, DAMN, wish I’d thought of this. Cheap’n’easy.

  • Jacob

    If you watch Disney XD (the former Toon Disney), you can’t avoid it. I watched a few episodes of Even Stevens on the channel last night and I promise you this dreck popped up at least once on EVERY SINGLE commercial break!

  • It hurt and made me laugh at the same time…..
    Can I just ask one question,, WHY?

  • David Breneman

    If I click on any of the links it says that additional (unobtainable) plugins are required. Must be in a format controlled by Gates or Jobs, the Hitler and Stalin of web content.

  • Backup Mac

    Well, if Disney is OK with this excretion, perhaps some creative type could edit a Public Domain Mickey and Minnie cartoon to Buck Cherry’s “Crazy Bitch”, the non-radio version. I’d sure blast it out my car windows.

  • Jason

    That commercial is extraordinarily creepy. Buying that DVD would be like hiring Beetlejuice to babysit your kids. Scar ’em for life, Mom and Dad!

  • For the parents who’ll buy ANYTHING to shut their kids up.

  • Esperanza

    $18.98 for Public Domain stuff??? Whoever buys this deserves it

  • I wonder what Grim Natwick would think of his Betty cartoons being used like this? Let alone the Fleischer Bros. Nursery rhymes and repetitive drum machine music might mix, just design your own characters for corn sakes.

  • EHH

    So this is why Disney keeps extending copyright laws.

  • If they manage to sell ANYTHING with that “commercial” they deserve a medal….What a waste of money!!

  • wow. . .really?

  • EricW

    Steve Schnier: I think BoingBoing’s stance on copyright is a little bit more nuanced than that, but they DO have a sort of “gearhead Libertarian” streak when it comes to letting the technology take us where it wants to go, which butts heads with entertainment industry groups a lot of the time.

    Of course, in this case “the technology” takes us to a monumentally wrongheaded project like this. I have never heard a more ominous arrangement of “The Ants Go Marching”…

  • joem

    Amid (and others), I’m honestly confused at what you find so repulsive about this?

    I think that, in a way, this is more for the parents than for the kids. If a kid is young enough to put up with nursery rhymes, the kid is probably young enough to put up with whatever kind of music there is. But if this makes it less annoying for a parent to interact with and care for their child, then I think it’s absolutely great. Neglect is a horrible thing.

  • EricW

    Also, as the Internet reminded me after I hit the send button the first time: BABY JAMZ IS *RIGHT THERE*! With a lot of the same songs, yet. So this is a MULTI-LEVEL ripoff.

  • Iritscen

    Anyone who doesn’t find this completely atrocious clearly wasn’t able to listen to the song samples at the provided link (plays in QuickTime for me).

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I think the tag this was posted under pretty much sums it up – “bad ideas”.

    On a side note, my personal favorite is Hump Dee

  • The ad on YouTube (but don’t expect to see much more than you see on the samples page):

  • Dock Miles

    I dig “Hump Dee,” too. But I really want to check out his partner, “Dump Dee.”

    A particularly obnoxious idea given the company’s frantic attacks on anybody who puts Disney creations in strange contexts.

    Then again, just as with certain commercial exploitations of rock and roll, this sort of things proves that hip-hop is no longer dangerous music.

  • El

    “Anyone who doesn’t find this completely atrocious clearly wasn’t able to listen to the song samples at the provided link.”

    Iritscen has it. I’d have no real problem with this idea, except that the songs are impossibly hideous. It sounds like something somebody’s weird cousin made with an ancient Casio in his basement. Only worse.

  • Ryan W. Mead

    The advertisement mentions CDs, so I’m guessing this is actually a compact-disc of hip-hop nursery rhymes that used PD animation in its ad since it was cheap and the images fit the themes of the songs. If that doesn’t spell “cheap,” I don’t know what is.

  • With the quality of that commercial, I find this product offensive to the nursery rhymes, Hip-hop culture, and myself as a graphic artist. LOL.

  • Even though the commercial is cheap and horrible (lol), I have to admit that it does stand for something positive for kids.