British Granny Turns Into Jessica Rabbit British Granny Turns Into Jessica Rabbit
Bad Ideas

British Granny Turns Into Jessica Rabbit

The story of a British grandma who decided to get surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit. “You only live once,” she said. “Do what makes you feel good.” I’m guessing that’s the same rationale the talk show host had when he touched this woman’s chin implant.

  • ShouldBeWorking

    “I’m not bad, Eddie. I’m just drawn that way.”
    She is bad and drawn that way.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    (no comment)

  • Andrew gothicson

    Good lord…{Pulls out gun to commit suicide}

  • Andrew took my comment so…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • MB

    Looks like Jessica Rabbit designed by Gahan Wilson

  • Hey, she’s not Jocelyn Wildenstein or Stalking Cat. She looks lovely as Jessica Rabbit.

  • Nothing will sum this up better than.

  • Patty OC

    Just remember –
    What has been seen….cannot be unseen.

  • Donald C.

    Oh dear…

  • doug holverson

    I think that it says a lot that several cosplay babes on Deviant Art can pull that look off way better…. Without the surgery!

  • Jessica Biel had a cameo as Jessica R. on a recent SNL skit, doing about as good a live-action version of the character as it’d be possible to do.

  • Bob

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • FigmentJedi

    MY EYES!

  • Lauren Langley is a better Jessica:

  • Rio

    “Can you stand up and show us your Jessica Rabbit?” Haha. Great question.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Damn my eyes!

  • Mike Caracappa

    “Tell me about this fixation with things to do with rabbit.”

    Boy was that a little too in character.

  • Another case of the Joan Rivers effect: they get plastic surgery to make themselves more attractive as they get older, but it does the complete opposite of what they expected.

  • Gerard de Souza

    It’s tough to get your money’s worth nowadays, isn’t it?

  • Anna

    the giant bunny next to her is kinda nice tho…..

  • I guess she is looking for a rabbit big enough to dress up as Roger and play ‘Pattycake’ with.

  • Julian Carter

    Well, while the rest of you are throwing up I’ll just say that I don’t think she looks beautiful.

    But I like her.

  • Autumn

    Oh you people, leave her alone. If she feels good, that’s fine. She’s not hurting anyone.

  • fishmorgjp

    Aw, isn’t it cute when deluded people surgically disfigure themselves?

  • Scarabim

    More power to her, if that’s what she wants, but she needs a LOT more surgery. A breast lift and some dermal filler would help. (Has a family member who’s a plastic surgeon).

  • Okay, I was a sceptic before I saw thei interview. Insanity aside, she doesn’t look all that bad. Well, except for the hair, makeup and that dress. If it makes her happy – well, whatever floats her boat. Like she says, you only go around once in life. You might as well be happy.

    And the plastic surgery wasn’t all that extreme. I’ve seen far worse.

  • Ewwhhh…this looks like a Halloween costume that went totally wrong! She looks okay, except for the fact that she’s like 50! Jessica rabbit was way hotter. Does that sound weird that I am attracted to a cartoon!?? :)

  • sporridge

    Now… I’ve… seen… everything!

    (With thanks that no one has typed a Bob Clampettish “HowOOOOOOOOLdisshe?”)

  • That is so wrong !!

  • Greg Ehrbar

    Good morning, Missus Conclusion! We’ve got spam, eggs and bacon…spam, eggs, bacon and spam….spam, spam, bacon, sausage and spam…and stop eating the bloody Monet and have a bit of the Rembrandt for pudding!

  • Brian O.

    She looks better than Kathleen Turner nowadays.

  • Gerard de Souza

    I am happy that she is happy for herself BUT if an individual is going to put it out there publicly and announce that she spent x amount to look like so-and-so, it is only fair she expect feedback of all kind. Really, it’s a friend who will say, Uh-uh, you don’t look anything like Jessica Rabbit, honey.
    If I saw her sitting on a bus and found her unattractive it would be wrong to walk up to her and say so. But she is announcing to the world this perception of herself so I say fair game.
    Part of me thinks though this is to publicize her Rabbit kennel or whatever she does.
    She says she has always koved Jessica for years and years and years. That sounds longer than the actual 22 years the public has known about Jessica. :)

  • I remember Kathleen Turner in Lawrence Kasdan’s “Body Heat.” It’s so cool she was chosen to voice Jessica Rabbit.

    Vampires aside, nobody stays young and beautiful forever. Except cartoon characters.

  • Lee

    She has ten children apparently, I bet everyone of them took the day off work through spear embarrasment that day

  • YK2

    It would have been more interesting if she would have had surgery to look like Roger Rabbit.

    Now THAT would have been a story.

  • David Breneman

    How sad and pathetic. I had hoped that these type of freak shows were limited to the US. I guess that was naive on my part. So sad.

  • matt

    Floyd Re: except cartoon characters

    – and therein lies the irony! Good one!

  • It’s a little more low-cut than I remember, here…

  • I make this costume, please see site for more details!
    Must see….

  • greg m.

    She’s just missing the hair coming down over one eye… …amongst other things!

  • Must’ve been a slow news day in England.
    Meanwhile, my boner is really angry with me.

  • RJ

    Oh my go… *projectile vomits all over the room*

  • God help us all…

  • Hot.

  • Tom

    Scarabim: Let’s not do that, shall we. Let’s not be the very incarnations of what’s wrong with today’s world. Let’s not tell people to get more plastic surgery. Thanks.

  • I think having her nose removed will be the real turning point

  • Hotara

    Grow up children, people have crazy ideas and I think its great for them to realize it if its not harming anyone. By the end of your live i bet you would want something extreme too. I for example wishe to be a grandma with 1 bi-pane, Kitt from Knight rider and a a gun/sword collection surrounded by kittens. I would probably go sky diving before the time of my death too :P

  • Charlie

    Next thing you know there will be hardcore furries getting surgery to look like Minerva Mink.