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Bad Ideas

Can We Call Them FARToon Network Now?

Some people just never learn:

Subject: Cartoon Network Fart Blaster
“Erica Schrag” [email protected]

Hey Amid,

I work with Cartoon Network and we just created a ‘Fart Blaster’ app to promote the new season of, Total Drama World Tour. You can check it out on Cartoon Network’s official Facebook: [link deleted] Who would be the correct editor cartoonbrew.com to speak with about news/reviews?

  • amid

    No, Phil. What’s unprofessional is being a thoughtless PR person and sending an animation commentary website a press release about the digital equivalent of a whoopie cushion. We receive hundreds of emails a day, and the least these clowns could do is a little research about who they’re approaching. If you waste my time, it’s fair game.

  • phil

    Um, wow. that seems pretty un-professional of you to post this.

  • Adam

    Phil, it’s spam for a fart button on your phone. Also, PR hacks have it coming.

  • Adam

    Yeah, printing somebody’s private email to you along with their email address, you showed them. Pretty petty dude.

  • I thought the name of the person was “Erica Shag” for a moment.

  • JP

    Even by torching the guy, you’ve still given him a platform on your website. Whoops!

  • Thanks for posting this, Amid– I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Cartoon Network “Fart Blaster” iPhone app for some time now and your helpful reminder has notified me of its recent release.

    And keep up the good work, Cartoon Network! Animation integrity 4 ever!

  • Jon

    “What’s unprofessional is being a thoughtless PR dipshit and sending an animation commentary website a press release about the digital equivalent of a whoopie cushion”
    Amid… You sir are a genius for that!

  • Roberto Severino

    Whoever sent that message obviously got what they deserved. Cartoon, I mean, FARTtoon Network has been a fucking joke for years now that no one takes seriously anymore. That idiot sure had the nerve to toy with Amid like that with a dumb fart application app. Seriously.

  • Isaac

    You catch more flies with honey.

  • Pincushion12

    I’m with Phil. You’re a complete douchebag for even posting this.

    This site is ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.

    You people at Cartoon Brew need to take your heads from where you have them stuck.

    Please grow up, or, at the very least have the self-dignity to be rightfully and utterly ashamed at your despicably childish and thoroughly unprofessional behavior, here.

    The nerve you have to even defend yourselves for doing this. It amazes me.

  • erlab

    Wow I feel sorry for that reference.


  • Daphne Yue

    I smell a troll…

    Don’t feed it.

  • I agree with the waste of time and the spam but it’s still unprofessional and pretty immature. Plus calling the guy a ‘dip$hit?’ wow… talk about classy Amid. Who do you think you are? By far not ‘God’s gift to animation’ … give me a break.

  • to idiots like pincushion and ‘phil’ attacking cb.com; where’s the self-rightous calls for dignity and maturity when it comes to the ‘fart blaster’? when someone starts defending an ‘innocent’ PR firm’s fart application from the wily criticism of animation bloggers, you really have to ask yourself why you’re even reading cartoon brew. I’m sure people who write fart apps are looking for interns.

    • Ashley May

      It’s not about defending “an ‘innocent’ PR firm’s fart application.” It’s about chastising the complete lack of class with which amid showed his disapproval.

      Basically, neither side looks particularly favorable.

  • Eric

    I find myself on Amid’s side more and more these days, weird huh? This response was absolutely warranted. Since when do cartoonists have to be so PC and professional? This is a light-(fart)ted jab. Get it? Light hearted sounds like farted.

  • droosan

    As someone who actually rather enjoys all things ‘Total Drama’ .. I still have to wince a bit that CN sees a ‘Fart Blaster’ app as a legitimate promo tool for the show.

    Kids will always laugh at ANY fart joke; I get that .. but the show really does have much to offer above that level.

  • what in the cel?

    Amid can you please keep CB to relevant, quality animation coverage. Editing the nonsense out is supposed to be your job.

  • Hal

    Why’d you post thins without linking to the facebook app? I’m completely in the dark now as to how to find this fantastic app that allows me to fart on my portable telephone! HA! Just thinking about it makes me laugh!

    At least I can email Erica directly about this and ask her for the link. So SCREW YOU GUYS! I’ll make my own animation news website that links to fart apps! With blackjack! And Hookers! In fact, forget the app link!

  • Marc Baker

    Once again, Cartoon Network continues to sink lower, and lower into the toilet of obnoxiousness. I miss the old Cartoon Network that embrace the greatness of animation, and didn’t have to stoop so low to gain an audience.

  • I wonder if someone named Erica likes being referred to as a “guy” repeatedly.

  • doohd

    hehehe c’mon guys don’t argue about shit like this. it’s pretty funny in retrospect, how dumb these cartoon network fellas are.

  • Frank

    This is a great post. I can’t stop laughing.

    “I’ll teach that dip$h!t to waste my time with his FART BLASTER!”

    Total drama world indeed.

    keep the pointless rage coming Amid. Your tantrums are priceless.

  • Chris

    Love it Amid, You and Jerry can do and say whatever you want on your site. and they call you Unprofessional hahahaha now that’s a joke. It is a relevant post as it pertains to animation…. and who cares if it doesnt hahahahahahaha you can cancel your subscriptions anytime hahahahaha Amid and Jerry you guys just plain rock!…:)

  • Wayne

    forget the app. Amid is a real live fart blaster.

  • John Ford

    …Amid – you were much nicer than I would have been… keep up the good work. As for the FN, er CN… dvds make them less relevant daily. Screw’em; the trolls as well.

  • Christopher Cook

    Remember when George Carlin added “fart” to the seven words you can’t say on TV? Guess we can scratch that off the list…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’d rather just have a REAL whoopee cushion, thank you very much!

  • Tim

    Amid, dont forget your scripture:

    Let he without flatulence cast the first fart.

  • big bad balloon

    How DARE Amid write this stuff on his OWN blog. NERVE! ahh…animation elitists…i hate them now even worse than the exes who are killing the cartoon biz.

    100% on Amids site and a big STFU and GTFO if you think it’s SO unprofessional. Better yet!…start your own HIGHLY professional animation blog.

    THANK GOD this site exists to give these losers something to do besides contemplate suicide.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with Amid posting this. They WERE looking for promotion, weren’t they? Well, they got it.

    Seriously, this isn’t prying into someone’s private business. The PR company solicited Amid for their own gain. I’d call it “fair use” on Amid’s part.

    On the other hand, its a golden opportunity to point out the fine folks at Cartoon Network that animation is more than just fart jokes and that their “Fart Blaster” is offensive to professionals working within the industry.

    Just saying…


    I agree with – “what in the cel?”
    “…can you please keep CB to relevant, quality animation coverage. Editing the nonsense out is supposed to be your job.”

    I for one am all for regarding CN as ‘fartoon network’ and that did give me a good chuckle… but there is a reason that more than a handful of people in the animation industry don’t like you Amid, and this is a classic example. Very unnecessary and unprofessional.

  • Rooniman

    Is using toilet humor really necessary to promote stuff?

  • posting the email is fine with me, however, posting the email address is unprofessional.

  • Ted

    Why are you bothering complaining about this peripheral promotional thing when you could be kicking live action shows like Delocated and Children’s Hospital in the face?

  • Larry

    Two things are clear:

    1. Amid is an ass for posting this.
    2. Cartoon Network has a bad PR lady, and made a poor choice of promotional app.

    They aren’t mutually exclusive.

    We all wish Cartoon Network would go back to their roots, and that Cartoon Brew would focus on real animation stories. And both are about as likely to happen.

  • Hmm, I haven’t been on Cartoon Brew for awhile, let’s see if anything has changed at that pla-

    *Amid makes a meaningless, unprofessional article that contributes nothing to Cartoon Brew*

    Hmm, now I remember why I haven’t been here for a while.

  • FP

    I’ve been calling it Fartoon Network for years because it’s hilarious to do that

    I did it first send me money

  • Other than posting the name and email, there’s nothing wrong here…

  • CB should start a “Hall of Shame” page – post the stupidest emails you guys get, withholding the names of course…

  • I think it’s hilarious that some of you are taking offense to this posting. Do you work for CN? Do you get paid to say that you take offense to this posting? You might get promoted! haha

    As many have said above, the network had it coming sending a release like this to Amid (obviously Erika doesn’t read Cartoon Brew, otherwise she would have sent it to Jerry). Silly PR.

    Amid, I commend you for posting this and showing no sign of fear or regret for sharing. Afterall, it’s yours and Jerry’s blog. We’re here to laugh at the bastards at CN for sending something like this. They probably think the readers of this blog are a bunch of 10-year-olds anyway.

    Cartoon Network, if you’re reading this, I LOVE what you’re doing and would be more than happy to lick your toes for a job. Eh, who am I kidding. You guys can suck it. :)

  • am I the only one who’s reminded of Despicable Me by this here “Fart Blaster”

    Woooow Cartoon Network.

  • Bob

    Frankly, they should call it MTV:Methane Television.

  • Chris S

    Question: “Who would be the correct editor cartoonbrew.com to speak with about news/reviews?”

    Answer: Not Amid.

    I also like how she leaves out the preposition before “cartoonbrew.com”. She probably deleted the “of” by accident while doing her famous cut & paste maneuver. Then she hit send, oops, oh well :(

    Why post the name and email address but delete the link? Me want fart!!

  • Anon

    Just curious, Amid, where do you get the gaul to put someone out in the open to have pies thrown at them, especially when they work WITH Cartoon Network and not AT. Did it occur to you that she might just be working in an agency that created the app and has absolutely nothing to do with CN except for the occasional marketing device?
    PS. This isn’t the first time. You also decided to flat out put Fred Seibert out there and mention how much he put down for lunch because you wanted to bash him for not giving enough money to animators on Channel Frederator. Are you still paying animators on Brew TV? Do you give money to everyone’s films you post on the blog BESIDES Brew TV? I watch the Brew everyday, but I have to say that your arrogance gets a little nauseating at points.

  • When the economic recovery solidifies, we can credit the 13,000 iPhone farting apps.

  • casper the friendly executive

    “When Stimpy farts, he believes that he has given birth. He tells Ren about the incident, but Ren won’t believe him. Soon, Stimpy relentlessly tries to find his fart, “Stinky.”

    Are farts funny when they’re blown by your heroes instead?

  • This thread = wow.

  • I assumed on reading the email she was a designer proudly telling someone about her work, not a pr person. Perhaps I was wrong. I hope so for her feeling’s sake. However, it’s Amid’s blog, he can rant how ever he pleases, and i’ll always come back for more. What I find ridiculous is those people here slamming him for his “dipshit” comment, using similarly emotive and slanderous language themselves. On Amid’s own doorstep noless.

  • Mark McD

    Okay, I’ve seen the previous “Total Drama Island” a time or two. I can’t remember any fart jokes, or I just missed those episodes. What’s the connection.

  • Dave O.

    Won’t someone please think of the children???

  • I have to admit, I’m jealous. I don’t emails nearly as cool as this. Yes, it’s an electronic whoopie cushion….but it’s an electronic whoopie cushion! My inner nine-year-old is thrilled, even if my outer adult is shrugging my shoulders and walking away.

    If it makes the Cartoon Brew crew feel any better, I’m always getting those spam emails from deposed third-world dictators. That reminds me…could I borrow some money? There’s this sunken pirate treasure, and I need to buy a new key….I’m totally sure there aren’t any whoopie cushions in the box…

  • fishmorgjp

    I wonder why some people are whining about Amid posting this. They must be servants of CN, and have guilty consciences.

  • Scarabim

    **CB should start a “Hall of Shame” page – post the stupidest emails you guys get, withholding the names of course…**’

    I’m with Thad. I think that’d be great.

  • I’m with Daphne, the email probably came from some Troll on 4Chan, next we’re gonna hear about Amid getting Syphilis from Porky Pig…

  • I don’t know, its funny that they contacted you, given the additional context that you supplied, I am not surprised. I think you should consider it more of a compliment. When I was running another site a few years back I did an article on a Warner Bros piece and was in contact with their PR group. After I did the one piece that I wanted to do they started sending me all this crap to review. I got a lot of free DVD coasters out of it. If you did review this Fart app they probably would send you juicier stuff down the road. In the end its good you didn’t otherwise you would have compromised some amount of moral ground. Sigh I guess this is just going to persist your view that the app store is only full of fart apps.

  • Haha, I think this is a well made post. Why are they bothering CB with this PR crap hoping to get good reviews of whatever stupid app by asking nicely?! That’s not what this site is about.

    Only thing is, I think the meanness might have went over the line by posting their e-mail address. Of course, it is her work address, so maybe not as big of a deal as a personal one.

  • @ Mark McD – If you haven’t noticed big companies are hardly the innovators on the app stores (apple and android inclusive). Its independents. Big company app departments function like, oh I saw this app this weekend thats number 1 or oh I heard that really easy to program app sold a lot. Its a numbers game and a fart app is the easiest to make. What’s funny is they probably spent $10-20K getting fleeced by a vendor to do it.

  • droosan

    @Mark McD: Owen has been shown to ‘toot’ at inopportune moments in all three seasons .. and LeShawna also memorably did so in one episode of the second season. And that’s about it. It’s certainly not a focal feature of the show. But like I said yesterday, kids WILL laugh at anything fart-related, so .. yeah.

  • Ok,
    1) I didn’t realize that the original post was a “burn,” must be that subtle high brow type of wit we hear so much about and see so little.

    2) PR folks get hit upside the head with verbal anvils daily. Don’t mourn them. They knew the job was dangerous when they took it.

    3) there are already apps for various bodily noises. The only difference here is branding.

    4) If one is fighting the good fight against crassness, well the door of the fart barn was blasted open long again. Any one recall Ren & Stimpy?

    5) Being a soulless mass that now is trying to be as cartoonless a cartoon network can be, the cartoon network deserves all drubbings, dingings and dribblings one can hurl at it.

    6) I admit I enjoy me some total drama. Izzy rocks. You may throw your brickbats at me now good Sirs and Madame’s and I shant wince.

  • its probably been said already but including ericas email in this post is a low blow.
    …once again… i’m not surprised.

  • Casper, when John K puts a fart in a cartoon, it’s hilarious and it’s “real cartooning.” But when ANYBODY ELSE does it, they are immature and scraping the bottom of the barrel!

    FWIW I don’t care that Amid posted the lady’s email address. Looks like it’s just work email. That’ll teach her!

  • Wow. Even the PR people at CN are dumb. That’s kinda not what you send to an ANIMATION blog there CN. Good lord, what is the world coming to?

  • Yeah, I have to admit that I have a farting app for my mobile phone so I can’t really say that Cartoon Network is silly for doing this because that would make me silly for having an “app for that”, but I do think CN should stop with silly PR stuff like this and focus more on attracting new viewers by advertising in markets that aren’t their own. I think they have done a great job with advertising in comic books and magazines, but if they thought outside of the box to gain new viewers to their network I can see nothing but good coming out of it.

    But what the hell do I know.

  • “What’s unprofessional is being a thoughtless PR dipshit and sending an animation commentary website a press release about the digital equivalent of a whoopie cushion.”

    Well, it worked, didn’t it! :P

  • Sam

    I’m quite amused by all of the commenters here taking fart jokes way too seriously, and getting all worked up over here. Come on, it’s just fart, everyone farts as long as they have a hole in their bottom. It’s not like the most offensive joke out there.

    Chill people!

  • Thomas Hatch

    – Hi hon, how was your day?
    – Ugh, don’t ask.
    – (sigh) What happened?
    – Well, you know that “fart blaster” app we’ve been working on?
    – Sure, you and your entire crew, you’ve been working on that for months…
    – Well I sent an email to Amid (of) cartoonbrew.com and he TOTALLY hated it.
    – Oh no!
    – He said Cartoon Network should be called, “Fartoon Network.”
    – NOOOOO!
    – Sometimes I don’t even know why I got into this business.
    – Don’t say that! You are one of the most gifted marketers of “Fart blaster” apps I have ever met.
    – Thanks, hon.

    ….aaaand scene!

  • Hal

    After emailing Erica directly she neither wants to go on a date with me nor send me topless pictures of herself. She did threaten a court ordered injunction against me (get in line!) if I email her a sixth time and I still don’t have that FART BLASTER app link. Thanks for nothing Amid.

  • Don’t be so harsh with Erica. She secretly hopes to bump into Gucci !

    That’s what she says : http://twitter.com/ericanschrag

  • autisticanimator

    Why did she use a comma between “of” and “Total?” I don’t see a reason to have any punctuation mark there at all. Also, why is the title of the show not in quotations?

  • Tom Dee

    This is something of a new low here. So, you’re the hallway monitor of taste? Try exhibiting some taste and good judgement yourself from time to time. Try- try- to remember that other people have jobs, and are told to do things that might offend you, oh, great one. Not everyone is lucky enough to find work being a remora on the animation industry like you have. Some people are animators on show that you don’t like (those idiots!) and others work promoting things you don’t enjoy (scandalous!).

    In two words, Grow Up. You’ll find that life on the other side of puberty has its advantages.

  • Richie

    I can see the point in posting the message to make fun of the idea of a Fart Blaster…

    …On the other hand, you achieve absolutely nothing by posting her name and e-mail address, Amid.

  • Warhead

    Really? A fart app?

  • Jonah

    So does this mean we shouldn’t be expecting a review? Darn! How am I supposed to know if the farts are worth my money?

    Honestly, I’m inclined to hate everything Cartoon Network does these days, but I wish them the best of luck promoting the new season of Total Drama if this is they best they can come up with. They’ll need a lot of luck.

  • Jared Pettitt

    I don’t get stuff like this. I mean, this show and this app are obviously not directed toward you, you might think they’re dumb (and they are) but you’re not the target audience

    I mean I feel like you go out and yell about them on your website because you feel like animation as a medium is being hatefucked by this PR person, specifically.

  • well I never… stop having an opinion, a perceived lack of class, your own blog Amid you are upseting people…

    or then again, carry on regardless. I’ll be back to read of further indignation by people seemingly unable to stay away and avoid being upset

  • Ron

    Check out her “I am a fun girl” website. It seems like truth in advertising. She does seem fun.

  • I’m starting to see the reason for so much crap getting greenlighted. Even many in the industry seem reluctant to say when something is lame, or criticize it. The idea seems to be “live and let live” or “at least they tried.”

    Those type of attitudes mean that lowest common denominator pablum gets a pass. To hell with that. If something sucks, say so and demand better. Go Amid!

  • Yeah Amid, keep up the opinion! Where would we be without it?

    I think a few people are getting a bit hot under the collar and forgetting that this isn’t public service broadcasting, it’s animation commentary. I’m right with you Amid on this. It’s not about the individual guy (which I think most people are taking offense with) it’s what he represents in our current ‘animation industry’…the pure frustration of some many talented individuals being told what to do by people who think animation is just some low-brow sales tool and nothing more. Bring back creator-content relations and put the money/ad exec men back where they belong!

    Question for those opposed: Would you rather have a society of censorship for fear of offense? Animation is dumbed down enough! Let’s not get in a tizz over a grown up discussion site. We’re all meant to be on the same side here.

  • Richie

    @Adam Oliver: You said it’s not about the individual “guy” (gal, really) and how the real problem lies within executives who see animation as a low-brow medium relegated for toilet humor and immature jokes. That I agree with you, but if that’s the case…What point is made when we give out the individual person’s name and address in public?

  • Graham

    Does this app remove live-action programming from the network? No? Then I’m not interested.

  • Chris A.

    Fart jokes are too old to get any laughs anymore. I can make a fart noise by covering my mouth and blowing hard.