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Craigslist Job Offer of the Day

Are you a 2D animator? Today’s your lucky day! Somebody on Craigslist wants to hire you for a “very special project.” All they need you to do is create 70 minutes of animation. No cause for concern because they’ve got “investors in place” and “A VERY BIG NAME [IS] ATTACHED TO THIS PROJECT.” Here’s the full job posting:

2D ANIMATOR NEEDED for a very special project. We need a young hungry animator with a sharp eye and wild taste to create a 70 minute movie to go along with a concept album by AN ESTABLISHED ARTIST. THERE IS A VERY BIG NAME, AN AMERICAN ICON, ATTACHED TO THIS PROJECT. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL, DARK, PSYCHEDELIC album and it needs a counter-part in the form of an ANIMATED MOVIE which plays on top of the album. Digital is preferred, as we would like to move quickly with this project. The look of the animation and character design should be similar to AMERICAN POP, HEAVY METAL, PINK FLOYD: THE WALL, etc. (Compensation: We have investors in place, as well as profit sharing possibilities.)

When you spot other ridiculous animation job offers on Craigslist, send them our way.

(Thanks, Cory)

  • Hulk

    Welcome to Hollywood.

  • Tim Schuit

    I’ll give you a better deal:

    I’ll let you do NINETY minutes of animation for me, for TWICE the profit sharing potential. Also, there are no big names involved in my project meaning that the profits go directly to YOU, the soon-to-be-rich-and-famous young, naive artist! I’ll need the style to be a mashup of pre-war Disney cartoons, 1980s Archie comics and Spongebob Squarepants. I’ve got a computer, some bread and water and a hammock ready and waiting for you in my basement because we need to get started ASAP! We’ve got a timeframe of about 3-4 weeks before we print it and send it out! This is an offer that will change your life!

    Apply now!

  • Matthew

    I’ve never looked at Craiglist but there’s a whole world of ‘opportunities’ like this all over the internet all the time. The running time for this one takes the cake though!

  • Matthew

    By the way, the “young, hungry animator” will be bloody starving if he or she makes a habit of applying for this sort of thing.

  • David

    I’mna pop someone in the mouf.

  • HAHAHA my word people are just crazy!!! they literally think that animation is some easy silly little thing.

    I got a offer once (not as bad as this one) but still unbelievable. here’s the key elements from the email minus the BS

    “Require 5 minute 2d animation music video”

    “The animation style we’re looking for is simple 2d characters of the 7 band members will be drawn up and animated similar to the Gorillaz”

    “A sum of ukp500 will be paid on delivery of the final animation (+ working
    files) with all copyrights including character images assigned to *&*^*^& Ltd.”

    hahaha what a joke!! £500 pounds for a 5 minute Gorillaz music video with 7 characters. people are F’d in the head

  • They should highlight and put in capitals also VEEEERY YOUNG AND VEEEERY HUNGRY.

  • Hmmmm. A 2d animation – 70 min long – in the style of The Wall and Heavy Metal all done by ONE animator….
    Sounds reasonable. I can have that done for you by say….the year 2056.

  • Today is my lucky day!!!

    Does anybody mind if I apply for this?

  • FP

    I saw that one. I see about five a day like it. The “producers” probably have a deadline of six weeks, with payment on the back end after distribution and the rapture. “No advance pay – we’ve been burned before!”

  • tgentry

    AN animator for 70 minutes of Heavy Metal style animation to be compensated by “profit sharing”. Someone please sign up for this so I have a fun story to read like that Freaky Flickers thing.

  • steppo

    “Digital is preferred, as we would like to move quickly with this project.”

    huh. . .

  • Even though it is Craiglist LA, it’s still possible it could be a scam coming from Nigeria. They are baiting all over Craiglist right now.

  • Ha Ha!

    [Quote: Digital is preferred, as we would like to move quickly with this project.]

    Yeah, because making an animated movie on a computer makes it go so much faster.

    One hungry animator should be able to handle it. I mean, it’s only a 70 minute movie. LOL

  • I’ll take the job!

    Oh, wait! I’m not young.

  • Scott

    If anyone finds out who this “…ESTABLISHED ARTIST. THERE IS A VERY BIG NAME, AN AMERICAN ICON, ” is, please share!

  • Thats hilarious!

    I’ve been thinking of advertising here for prospective collaborators for a Festival style short.

    I don’t have the budget for it yet.. but i’d certainly wouldn’t butter-it-up like this Ad.

    *Good LUCK buddy :)

  • Patrice

    I can actually finish this project in a few hours.

    It will look like Pink Floyd The wall, but just not move like it.

    zoom in, zoom out, slide left, slide right etc…


    I can go 140 minutes like this.

  • Paul N

    What’s the big deal? “Allegro Non Troppo” was a movie set to music that was all animated by one guy – heck, we even got to see him work as the movie played. Or are you saying that movies don’t reflect reality..?

  • Alfons Moline

    I guess Bill Plympton could handle this job: he has animated several features all by himself in a record time!

  • Johnnie

    And some say 2D animation is dead!

  • Rufus

    This sound like a job for – RALPH BAKSHI!

    Just kidding.

    It sucks that a lot of young professionals get the short end of the stick simply because they don’t realize what they’re worth. As unrealistic as this particular ad is, I’ve known people working on stuff like this. And they get royally screwed. Not only do they do an unrealistic amount of work in an unrealistic amount of time but they don’t get paid. All they get is a line in the credits somewhere. Yay! Economy! :D

  • squirrel

    I once almost nabbed a job listing on Craigslist by a theatre company who wanted 4 minutes of Tex-Avery style animation of a wolf created to play during one of their on-stage improv skits. They wanted to wolf to interact with a filmed environment, which they would provide. However, they wanted the animator to BE ON THE SHOT with them in another state, and wanted the 4-minute animation done in 11 days.

    I never visited Craigslist again.

  • Matthew

    I saw an ad last week actually in which the client said they had plotted out a fifteen to twenty minute cartoon story and “all” the applicant had to do was the animation. I think they were offering something like $250.

  • So they want someone to make a 70 minute film, run thru some computer bambojumbo which will trace it and voila. Dark psychodelic film like Ralph Bakshi make is completed. Naaa that can’t be that hard.

  • chipper

    Can it be done in MSPaint?

    I like the “young hungry” part. I’m assuming that means that if an animator just had lunch, no job for him.

  • You know, Amid, I think you should make a section of the site or a site just dedicated to the hall of fame of bad animation job postings. It could be the next lolcats or engrish :P

  • @ Nick Cross, that site is golden!

  • Barney Dillweed

    Profit sharing = No cash, work for free.

  • Nick

    @ Scott, I heard a rumour that Animal Collective are releasing a visual album, which is the first thing that I thought of when I read this ad, but i thoroughly doubt it’s them

  • Mr. Pencil

    I think this guy might be interested. We should hook them up.

  • Ashanti

    I saw that ad over the weekend. Sounds like your typical clueless out of town hobbyist-producer who thinks animation happens with the wave of a magic wand.
    San Francisco is full of these people!

  • FP

    I just remembered – several months ago, instrumentalist Trey Gunn from KING CRIMSON and other prog rock groups was offering the “privilege” of animating videos for him. It wasn’t immediately apparent, from the language in the proposal, that the animators were expected to work for free. The guy must have carpet-bombed every animator with an online presence, because I got an unsolicited email about the job. The exact details have faded from memory. This is a guy with a solid professional music history who must have enough money to at least offer a pittance.

    I don’t know what happened with that project, but Gunn currently has in his online store a digital download of one of his albums for $9,999.00.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Work for someone else if they are paying well and fair. Otherwise , in this day and age of animation no one needs to work for anyone simply for credit, promises and exposure; you can work for yourself. I never understood that; students waiting around for the animation job for an opportunity to animate and they could do it themselves.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Yellow Submarine right?

  • Rene Ramos

    I’m in. I will make a 2D 70 minute movie in less than 8 years.

  • Nuroticat

    I wonder if this could be for Billy Corgan? “Dark and psychedelic” describes the concept of his free Smashing Pumpkins album “Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.”

  • I had a conversation with a “producer wannabe” who asked me for a 5 minutes animated section for a weekly live action t.v. show. I said: That’s to much work for just one guy, I’ll need more time.
    He said: “Sleep less.”

  • “It will look good in your portfolio.”

  • Andre

    I bet it came from the same people who’d send me those emails about an unknown heritage I’m about to get. All I have to do is to give them my bank details. :D

  • Dutchie

    I just lost a job, for which they preferred me by far, to animate 5 40 second shorts in a timespan of 1 month, because someone was willing to do it for less than 1000 euros. So there’s animators out there who take these kind of jobs for ridicilous prices.

  • pheslaki

    Chris Jones made every bit of “The Passenger” himself . . . it only took him eight years.

  • Patrice

    @ Dutchie

    for 1000 Euro you could have outsourced it to India and pocket half of it.

  • Zee

    As someone so desperate for work that I have responded to at least 5 craigslist ads every day for the past few months, I saw this one and it was to ridiculous to even bother with. I do not understand these craigslist job posts. I have literally sent over a hundred emails and not received any response. I send my CV and links to my work, I know I am qualified to do the jobs I am replying for, and yet nothing has materialized. Judging by the way many of these ads are written, I have to wonder how legitimate they are; many use slang, bad grammar, and text speak. If you want to be taken seriously, even if it is just a craigslist ad, do not use text speak, it’s completely unprofessional.

  • Al

    Ageism has permeated even insulting offers like this. Experience doesn’t count because anyone with any would detect the bullshit.

  • I’m trying to figure out how this posting could get worse. If they at the very least said “if it all falls apart you get to own the work you did” would at least be something, but sadly the mindset that offers manure like this has no concept of anything related to fair or others involved.

    I’ reminded of Daffy Duck in the short with the Genie “mine mine mine”

    Several friends and I work on a website together and it’s all donated time. I’ve talked on co-operative working (which I know this isn’t) and the first thing I always say is “if you’re not paying their rent you can’t ask for first priority” because it amazes me how many people think they can ask for priority when they’re not paying somone’s rent.