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Bad Ideas

Creepy Yogi Bear Movie Poster

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing in this Yogi Bear poster: the grotesquely incompetent artwork or the dirty double entendre tagline. Yogi’s position behind BooBoo and the expressions on their faces don’t help matters.

Yogi Bear poster
  • bob

    It this suppose to be sexual? Cus’ there is def a creepy sexual vibe with the composition and tag line. ::shudders::

    • REALLY???

      If you find this sexual there’s something wrong with you

      • Su

        Uhm what Bob said is just a joke. Obviously you don’t know gay humor (bears)

        Calm down.

  • Mike Russo

    Why do they have to have big, detailed human eyes?

    • Keith Paynter

      “You ever see a bears’s eyes…? They have lifeless eyes, like a doll’s eyes – until they bite you, and the eyes roll over…then, there’s the horrible scream, and the forest turns red; and despite all the poundin’ and hollerin’, all the bears come in,and rip you to pieces.”

      Quint, “Paws”

      • Steve

        ….. and then it goes for a shit in the woods!

  • jordan reichek

    oh, amid!

    all of the above is awesome!

    i do think from the size of their pupils, yogi and boobs might be high though.

  • Law

    I thought it couldn’t get any worse, and behold…

  • NAMBLA just got a new slogan!

  • Alissa

    Their eyes have this creepy wood-grain texture on them. It’s like Yogi and Booboo are souless abominations sent to destroy all hope and hapiness…

    …wait a second.

  • Ian

    I don’t know, you might be reading too much into this, maybe if Yogi was making the ‘tude face: Ã’uÔ
    I think the noses weird me out more than anything.

    • Justin Spurlin

      I think the sexual double entendre was intentional. It appeals to what Madison Avenue calls “winkers”: people who feel they are above being manipulated by advertising but are all the more susceptible to ads that “wink” at them. In this case, the poster invites us to sneer at it—but it has our attention. When it’s time to take the kids out to see a movie, we’ll remember it. The true genius of the tagline is that the advertisers can deny the sexual connotation: “It’s obviously a pun on ‘Good things come in pairs’! What are you talking about?”

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Either way, I kept wanting to believe Yogi’s about to take a bite out of Boo Boo’s skull. I’m such a masochist!

      • sikido


  • I laughed, though I know I shouldn’t have.

  • They should do a version of Margaret Wise Brown’s book The Little Fur Family.


  • Yeah, too much of a softball, almost like they planned a lil’ ‘Harvey Birdman’-esque treatment for the sake of attracting attention. Ignore it, it’ll go away. ‘Til next year. Hey, how come no reporting on Titmouse’s stuff? That won’t make you cry, although ‘The Pro’ might make you gag. Also, flashbacks to ‘The Maxx’ are more than likely.

  • JakeMarlowe

    This poster looks eerily similar to the one used for Marmaduke…except the characters are uncomfortably closer.

  • The noses are creepier than the eyes – I’m used to glassy eyes at least; I went to college.

  • It’s almost like Warner Brothers is trying to repel moviegoers.

  • Corey

    Sweet, I needed something to hang on my windowsill to keep the pigeons away. Thanks!

  • Tedzey

    AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I KNEW IT! YOGI’S A VAMPIRE!!!! No wonder he has those dead-eyes!

  • Ha! Yeah that takes the cake for sure *picinic pun* It reminds of the double meaning in that ‘Shrek Ogre Load’ Billboard that you posted earlier Amid. Maybe Toy Story 3’s tagline should have been ‘Toys are always fun!… the the third time’ or maybe ‘Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs’ should have said ‘When you don’t wanna eat out anymore… eat out of the sky!’… could be a new trend?

  • Manny


  • Stephan

    Well its true. Great things occasionally ejaculate in bears upon which they put on bow ties. When you can do that and not get slaughtered, is the world not yours?

    • bob

      What? … ???

  • John A

    BooBoo’s going to be in therapy for years.

    • Steve Gattuso

      So are we…

  • It’s like I walked into a taxidermist’s shop. They look like they’re mounted on a wall as hunting trophies.

  • Why is the hole in the “O” Yogi’s lower face? Why, Charlie Brown, why?

  • STEF

    Am I the only one who notices the horrible dermatitis on Yogi’s tongue?

    And I’ll just say this one more time.


  • optimist

    It’ll eventually make a great double bill at the New Beverly with the “Country Bear Jamboree” movie. Bring someone you love.

  • Geez…am I the only one who looked at this poster and didn’t see anything sexual or weird? In fact, I thought it was pretty clever. Focusing on the faces might make the casual adult viewer who remembers the Yogi Bear Show interested in how these characters are going to be fully realized and portrayed.

    Besides, I think the tag line is funny for other reasons, nothing to do with sex. The bears are a team, and the tag line plays into that in a pretty clever way. I’m intrigued, and I even thought the trailer was pretty cute too, though I did think the stunt vocal casting was kind of lame.

    And for the record, I enjoyed the two Chipmunks movies too.

    Now, “Popeye” is going to be strange when it finally becomes an animated 3D extravaganza. I just can’t imagine how that is going to come out looking good.

    • “come in bears” doesnt strike you as sexual?

    • NintenEthan

      I thought the stuff on 4chan was nightmare-inducing…until I saw a possessed Yogi and Boo-Boo engaging in intercourse. Dear Lord.

    • Pez

      HOW OLD ARE YOU???

      I think If you didn’t put the word Yogi on the poster, people who grew up with the character would not recognize it as Yogi and Boo boo. They probably wouold think is was a Prevent forest fires add for Smokey the Bear.

  • Rooniman

    It’s bad enough we have to watch them in motion, but now they make us look at there soulless, creepy eyes? What the hell!

  • Rick

    creepy yes, but I don’t get what you mean about the tagline. “Bears” substituted for “Pairs”… what am I missing?

  • Friend of Dorothy

    Now that’s gay.

  • fishmorgjp

    They crafted this slimy image just to peddle some CGI regurgitation of some misfired nostalgia for dull old cartoon characters. They should turn in their membership cards for the human race, if they ever had any.

    • B. Bunny

      fishmorgjp, you just said what I was thinking! Cash cows suck!

  • Eli Severin

    Amid, I’m going to have nightmares from that hideous Yogi Bear poster. Chucky has nothing on this.

  • That poster is super creepy and unappealing. Stuffed animals with human like eyes and realistic scaly dog noses. I hope it bombs big time.

  • Gerard de Souza

    The kind of eyes a taxidermist uses.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Again with those eyes, shoot me, shoot me now!
    Why can’t there be more whites?

    • Bruce

      Would you like me to shoot you now or wait till you get home?

      Anyway, I’ve seen posters that are more creepier/disturbing than this one.

  • I would love to meet the people that gave the “OK” to this poster. It’s like dirty old perverts broke into the Country Bear Jamboree and had some fun with their Nikon.

  • Lucy

    ….I feel like my personal space bubble is being invaded by this poster.

    …I think most of the obvious sexual jokes have been taken at this point, so again I’ll take a moment to commend Mr. Timberlake for doing what appears to be an excellent Boo Boo impersonation… And admonish Mr. Akroyd for using a voice which I equate to that one embarrassing uncle that everyone seems to have who THINKS he can do impressions.

    Oddly enough, it’s often that same uncle who likes to invade personal space bubbles as well.

  • SMW

    Hahahahaha you are totally correct about the tounge its blotchy, maybe they have been doing some sort of acid and that explains their glassy eyes.

  • mRoig

    Don’t know. During Toy Story 3, I sat next to a kid who laughed every time a character hurts itself. He laughed more during the Yogi Bear trailer than during the whole of Toy Story 3. I can see why films like this get made.

    But I do wonder about those eyes. Would a more stylised design really not work better?

  • cornholio1980

    I always knew that Yogi Bear was gay, but that he’d shag BooBoo? Well, as long as they both enjoy it…

  • Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow… This is the stuff of miracles.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I can’t tell whether it suggests that Yogi wants to shag or eat BooBoo?!

  • JD

    You are getting sleepy…very sleepy. Yogi and Boo Boo. I know have you under my control. When I snap my fingers you will revert back to your HB selves again.

  • JG

    I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. God… why..?

    This gave rise to the “WB creeperfaces emoticon”: 8D 8D

  • I actually think it looks a lot more scary than gay. I think you may have a dirty mind to take it as a homosexual reference. However it really looks like two scary bears rather than two happy cartoony bears. Yogi especially looks like he’s going to attack BooBoo or the viewer.

    The tagline is kinda silly but acceptable.

    If the designs weren’t scarily realistic it may be a clever composition for a poster.

  • Colin Lougheed

    Amid: Please stop making me angry. I’m trying to ignore anything to do with this, and here you are – THROWIN’ it in my gd face! I avoided the trailer for days until you and Jerry made me see that new Road Runner cartoon – and then THERE IT WAS! In glorious 3D yet. (the ‘D’ stands for disappointment)

    They’re gonna put that 3rd Road Runner short in front of this, aren’t they? I just know it. I might as well wear this poster on a shirt now and go see a Timberlake show (sniffers row) like the total whore I’m becoming.

  • I think it’s just the eyes that are creepy. The rest is fine.

  • Really, this is just boring and mildly irritating. It’s all been said, and with greater panache, in the John K. Yogi shorts!

  • What, no Pedobear jokes yet? O_O

    I didn’t realize I could just learn how to make “ugly” and get to make Hollywood feature films or be a film executive to make decisions like these. I’ve been practicing good draftsmanship and perfection for nothing all this time.

  • Demetre

    It’ll probably win an academy award

  • Kevin

    Obviously asymmetry is created by having the key light favouring one side. And the fur is randomly generated, so how can it be symmetrical?

  • Now that they own the entire library, this crap is never going to end.

    More horrors are yet to come.

    • Mesterius

      Oh God… this thought must be the scariest thing I’ve ever read.

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      You got THAT right! Look out for the Goober & the Ghost Chasers,Clue Club,and Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kids movies!!

    • Pez

      Maybe a sweet quick draw movie is next!! a live action horse one can only hope. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.

  • Michel Van

    I don’t know if i see this monstrosities
    do i have to get hysterical blind
    or take my shootgun and
    shoot that Poster in selfdefence ?

  • Shawn

    Sure, they can try and entice me to see this movie with the promise of 2 hours of bear-on-under-aged-bear action. It’s not going to work, though! I’d only be sold if they promised a threesome with Ranger Smith.

    ..Sorry, that’s just gross. And their eyes are just too creepy.

  • Scarabim

    How come Yogi’s mouth is wide open in all these posters? Is it a “feed me, Seymour!” kind of thing?

    I’m seriously worried about the mentality behind this campaign…

  • Vzk

    This movie will be a hit in Japan, home of shotacon.

  • Tanna


  • Martín

    So Yogi is a hungry zombie who is about to eat his son’s brains?

  • Gary

    OMG! the people who made this should be rounded up into camps and gased with Zyklon B for making such atrocities like the sub-human pigs they are

  • Thomas

    My friend pointed out how the lighting is off on the eyes and nose. Yogi is lit from the right while Booboo is lit from the left.

    • Dennis Lee Bieber

      Based upon the highlights, this poster is NOT original art work, but instead it is a cut and paste hack job from:


      Drop a “highlight” line from top and compare where it crosses the eyes and noses.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I should’ve known better!

  • The Gee

    OK, it isn’t the most inspired movie poster ever.

    Luckily, I guess there’s a lot of better ones through film history.Recent history? probably not.

    Perhaps what should have been done is they needed the close ups, they should’ve just put one bear per poster and dropped that ridiculous tagline. Maybe there are some like that out there. Or there will be some. After all it is “Yogi Bear.” His best pal need not be in every promo item…even if it is coming across as a buddy comedy.

    Hopefully there are some with gags in them (not those kind of gags, funny gags).

    Other than online how often do people intently stare at movie posters? Maybe collectors do, but, man, this one is never gonna be in an antiques store. So, avert thy gazes, even as those glassy eyes gaze at you. Just hope for a revival of good poster art.

  • Oliver

    And people have the nerve to call FURRIES kinky and f***ed up!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    It seems to me the poster is the exact opposite of the movie poster for the 1984 film The Hotel New Hampshire(the black comedy based on John Irving’s novel,with Jodi Foster & Rob Lowe). That poster showed a cute bear holding a suitcase. I’m pretty sure that parents unfamiliar with the
    Irving novel would have thought it to be a cute family movie about a bear. Taking their kids to see it,they would
    sit through two hours of incest and teen suicide.

  • JD

    I keep hearing that part of “Unpacked My Adjectives” from Schoolhouse Rock.

    “He was a hairy bear. He was a scary bear.”

  • Oliver

    Hollywood embraces (from behind) Rule 34; furries, all is forgiven.

  • Warhead

    I can think of many unfortunate implications for this poster. MANY.

  • Don’t you think that the big bear looks like a vampire?

    Seriously, that creeped me out the most.

  • brad

    i just puked in my mouth

  • ugly computer

    it needed this little tweak:

  • ugly computer

    i felt like it needed this little tweak:


  • ratboy_labongo

    yeah, the double entendre is there but incompetent artwork?
    ya’lls a bunch o’ whiny couch quarterbacks dissing work you’ll never do.
    wah wah wah

  • This post has some of the most disappointing comments the brew has ever seen. Zyklon-b? …/really/?

    The poster is yucky looking; putting weird sexual messages into what is supposed to be a kids’ film is inappropriate.

  • Clint

    Holy Crap, that poster scared the hell out of me!

  • Jim

    Come on guys! It’s just a film poster and the movie will be just fine and something treasuring to look at. Scooby had his big screen action and now it’s Yogi’s turn.

  • Felonykat

    I miss the pre-WB Hanna-Barbera.

  • Matthew Grayson

    I think it looks awful, gay bear jokes aside. They do look like they passed by a taxidermist on their way to the next pic-i-nic basket.

    The movie makes me angry but at least there is something for children. Speaking of kids, Boo Boo is NOT a child or under age. He’s just a small bear.

  • lol this is definitely meant to invite sexual thoughts. Awfully grotesque poster =]

  • Seriously Idiot People???

    seriously? this is just meant to be a poster inviting to kids. “Bears” obviously is just supposed to be a pun meaning “pairs” . Anyone who found this sexual is just some perverted creep who likes to make a deal out of this just to get attention.

    • Marquis Owens

      “Anyone who found this sexual is just some perverted creep who likes to make a deal out of this just to get attention.”

      Nope, they just have a dirty mind.