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Hair of the Dog

There’s a “creative grooming” trend happening in the US right now. Some of the more spectacular results have been photographed by poodle paparazzo Ren Netherland, who travels around the country in a bus which functions as a mobile photography studio.

To see more “Poodle Doodles” including a Poodle Fairy, a Poodle Chicken, and a Poodle Jack Sparrow, go here.

  • Riza Gilderstein.

    The horror!

  • Tim Schuit

    Definitely cartoon related!

  • Ben

    How cruel.

    What kind of maniac does this to their dog?

  • Charlie

    Those poor noble beasts.

  • That article got a lot of giggles in my office :)

  • MattSullivan

    Oh. My. God.

    I LOVE IT!!!! :D

  • WUT?

    What does this have to do with animation or cartoons?

  • I feel sorry for the Pittsburgh Steeler poodle.

  • Vegaswolfie

    The camel poodle, very funny.

  • While I respect a person’s right to write about whatever they want, but I do fail to see where this is supposed to be leading the animation conversation. I personally find it very distasteful to see people treating living animals – dogs in particular – like their little dress-up dolls. I would be genuinely interested to her the rationale for posting this here, because frankly, it feels as relevant to the site as a selection of Anne Geddes photos.

  • That’s funny. I’m going to start messing with our poodle now.

  • Unless you get hair spray in their eyes, certain dogs love this stuff. They love being the center of attention. I had a friend who got a Santa suit for his dog and the dog went bonkers over it. He loved wearing that suit.

    I think for 3D modelers and texturers these are great thought provokers about how “hair” can be more than just bangs and bowl cuts and pony tails.

    So yeah, this is part of the animation conversation.

  • Hulk

    Where’s PETA when you need em?

  • Anne Geddes rocks.

  • amid

    Sara: If it’s been posted on Cartoon Brew, one of us thinks it has something to do with animation and cartoons. PES is a leading commercial animation director, and this is the stuff that influences and interests him. I love getting this peek into his thought process, and we are in fact planning to add more guest contributors like him (and Linda and Eric). If you are still confused by its relevance, avert your gaze and pray that the next piece we post conforms more closely to your definition of cartoons.

  • Mesterius

    This IS silly enough to be in a cartoon, but aside from that…

  • Yeah, some really bizarre things can be done with poodles’ fur!

  • Aline

    That´s the kind of thing that looks better on cartoons than on real animals.

  • John F A

    Dogs really endure a lot of abuse. I bet they secretly know they have something awful waitng for us in the next life.

  • Best. Dogs. Ever.

    Thanks for the inspiration PES!

  • John Lotshaw

    This is why I own Shelties…. As if the regular poodle cut isn’t bad enough… Poor things…


    So, you wouldn’t do it to a dog?…. well, somebody out there would…. And apparently have.

    I don’t see how a dog would give a damn how it looks. Why would they? All they care about is if you left the lid up and where you left your doctor sholls. As long as I could lick myself without impunity I wouldn’t care what you dressed me in.

  • Anna

    I feel bad for the dogs having this done to them. Yes, I know how good a poodle can be at standing still while he’s groomed, but they don’t know some bored housewife is turning him into this horror! *looks for eyebleach*

  • Well, I may not agree with the logic or doggie dress-up, but I do appreciate the explanation. And I like having guest contributors on the site, variety being the spice of life and all.

  • Bugsmer

    These are very creative. I didn’t know that you could transform a dog into a camel, a horse, or even Jack Sparrow! Great post, Pes.

  • doug holverson

    I hate dogs so let’s deface them, annoy them, and embarrass them!

  • I bet half these dogs are probably angry at their owners for this. Still, your knack for inspiration never fails to amaze me.

  • HAHAHA those are great. I agree with robcat2075, dogs love being groomed and fawned over. and besides, I seriously doubt ANYTHING could embarrass a dog.

  • Jason

    Aw come on, dogs don’t care as long as it doesn’t get hurt. Dogs love attention and they certainly get it if they’re done up as per those pictures. My fave is the bison. So real it’s scary.

  • Chris J.

    This is true cruelty.

    However I’m at a loss to determine who the bigger victim is: the dogs or myself.


  • Cruelty? Some of you are nuts! It’s just a hair cut. I can attest that poodles like the attention of being groomed. And, if you have to spend an hour or two doing it, at least make it look like a camel to intimidate the bigger dogs. Otherwise, they look vulnerable…So, really you’re doing them a favor.

  • Emily

    …Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

  • AaronSch

    Years ago I had a neighbor who decided to trim his mixed breed dog’s coat to look like a lion. That poor dog’s demeanor radically changed—he sulked all day. Don’t tell me those little critters don’t have feelings. I’m no PETA fanatic but I think it is somewhat cruel.

  • For one, I think this post is inspirational. Though, yeah, I do feel a bit sorry for the pets involved in this bewildering trend.