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Bad Ideas

John Lasseter, Please Stop Flashing Photographers

It’s not cute anymore.

johnlasseter-flasher-e johnlasseter-flasher-a johnlasseter-flasher-b johnlasseter-flasher-d johnlasseter-flasher-c

(photos via Shutterstock)

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  • Tony Blinco

    the man wears his work on his sleeve..and everywhere else!

    • the Gee

      It’s loud advertising.

  • Tony

    Please stop making planes movies.

    • You mean, all two of them?

      • Kyle_Maloney

        Pixar didnt make either one. What they need to stop making is Cars.

        • Lassiter wrote both Planes films. Remember, he doesn’t work for Pixar anymore. He’s higher up than that.

        • Mesterius

          …and sequels in general. But of course, that won’t happen as long as Disney owns Pixar and forces them to make sequels on a regular basis.

          • Kyle_Maloney

            I don’t mind sequels if their good. The only one so far I didn’t like was Cars 2, but I wasn’t crazy about the original so that wasn’t much of a surprise.

  • starss

    I was expecting a side of text with those flashes.

    Now I must take a shower.

  • martin

    straight up pimpin’

  • Crispy Walker

    Please stop having shirts made of toddler bedding. He looks like a giant baby attending a formal occasion.

    • Formal occasion? He’s at the premier of the respective cartoons on his shirt. Pretty sure Wreck-it Ralph doesn’t call for black tie.

      • Crispy Walker

        I’m not saying it calls for black tie… What I’m saying is that the choice he makes to wear shirts that look like they are made of the same material as the unlicensed cartoon bed-linnens you can buy from a corner store in Brooklyn makes him look juvenile. I know he wants to be a big kid forever and ever — but he’s one of the most influential people in Hollywood. You’d think if he was going to bother putting on a suit at all, which he does, he’d bother to want to look decent. Otherwise, why not just attend in a T-shirt with Ralf’s face on it and jeans?

  • Strong Enough

    imagine being yelled at by a guy dressed like that.

    “oh you want me to fix my timing? I will ONCE YOU CHANGE THAT *&(*&(* SHIRT!” is the daily thinking of Pixar and Disney animators

    • Right, because Lassiter is only animator who ever dressed weird.

  • AmidAmidi

    Only in the world of animation could photos of a tackily-dressed middle-aged man be considered click-bait.

    • And Yet…

      Funny cuz it’s true

    • popyea

      I clicked for Lasseter’s bare chest, you baited me damn it!

      • Hey Now

        Sideboob or GTFU.

    • May1979

      And the score is Amid: 1; Picassosaurus: 0.

    • Barrett

      Too true, Amid. And your quote is a perfect summary of why I love coming here and love the animation community, despite all the ups and downs!

    • KnickKnackMyWack

      It certainly isn’t clever or interesting news either.

  • brandon

    I don’t know. Planes: Fire & Rescue made little more than it’s production budget in the US ($58 million) and straight-up flopped overseas ($37 million).

    You might want to find your chuckles elsewhere ;)

    • jonhanson

      The money doesn’t come from the movies at this point, it comes from the toys.

    • Thank you Brandon.

  • Megan

    You can make fabric patterns yourself. Probably a ton of sites. Spoonflower comes to mind. Seriously, let the man do and wear what he wants.

  • DangerMaus

    You’re just mad because he flashed a PLANES shirt. lol

  • Van

    Welcome to cartoonbrew John L.

  • Van

    Hmmm…maybe an orange jump suit might fit him better next time.

  • Tim Gunn

    Memo to John’s publicist: make sure John gets a new belt every time he gains another 15 pounds. Wearing the same belt he did when he were 3 notches thinner is not a classy look, and when you’re wearing those shirts he needs all the class he can muster.

  • KW

    I think you’re the one taking this blog post a little too seriously.

    • DangerMaus

      The first post was being more serious, because Amidi was giving advice to someone with no sense of irony or humorous intent: however, then I realized Amidi was just pissed that he had to look at more PLANES merch adorning Lasseter’s belly, hence the second post I made.

  • Number One! Number One!

    Maybe he’s a fan of Merv Griffin, who used to show his coat lining to his audience every day. This is SCTV’s spoof:

  • Zack

    Hordes of Chinese children.

  • Toby

    relating to the headline, maybe someone hacked his cloud service too..

  • big bad balloon

    Go to Youtube.

    I’m amazed by the amount of people concerned about making CB a “credible animation site”. Maybe you all can band together and make your own? Then you can be sure none of this piddly stuff gets in the way.

    Just a suggestion.

    Job postings, artist of the day, award reviews, show reviews, festivals, shorts, industry news, clips of upcoming animation – all in one place. Good call. This place blows.

    • KnickKnackMyWack

      Sounds like a plan. How dare we have standards and opinions? Can’t have those on the internet.

  • Inkan1969

    Does he have man-boobs?