<em>Little Princess School</em> <em>Little Princess School</em>
Bad Ideas

Little Princess School

Try getting this theme song out of your head! From the Brazilian studio who brought you knock-off’s of Ratatouille, The Princess and the Frog and others — comes Disney’s Little Princess School:

(Thanks, Jared D. Weiss via i09)

  • NC

    WOW how did they get away with that? Especially the blatant Jasmine rip-off?

  • Chris

    Oh my god. My eyes. . .

  • Tekena

    Uh Oh! Look like DJ Diz-master’s been challenged! Time for a battle! How we gonna do this? Maybe they can animate themselves rapping?

  • Thomas Dudley

    Help! The song!… it-… wont stop! Somebody call the hospital… my mind…fracturing…Princess school , how there supposed to rule ahahahaha

  • And here come the lawyers.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    So Catchy. So blatant. So patronizing. Just what little girls need to look up to.

  • …Learn to be beautiful? That’s something you have to be born with. Is this a school that teaches you to apply make-up or some crap? And why is it called Princess School? Being a princess and being beautiful aren’t one and the same. In fact, they’re completely different things.

  • EatRune

    The 2-D’s actually not bad, but come on, they look exactly like Jasmine, Cinderella and Snow White.

    “Hime” means Princess in Japanese, is that supposed to be intentional?

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    On one level, this could have been the basis for a “Drawn Together”-style parody, but this … this is just achingly awful because they’re taking it seriously.

  • Roberto Severino

    I’m surprised there haven’t been any lawsuits for this. The song wasn’t as bad as I thought. No really. I kinda liked it, but I don’t know why.

  • tiago

    I am Brazilian and it is very shameful. those people who do that shame our country.

  • Alissa

    There’s only one way to handle creepy bug-eyed Disney clones.


    On a more realistic note, did they really think no one would recognize most of their cast from…somewhere else? Catchy theme though.

  • I wanna go to school to become beautiful too!!!!!!
    Where can I find such an establishment! I demand to hear of this establishment!

  • annoyingmouse

    So I can learn to be beautiful? Awesome! Where can I sign up?

  • Thanks… now that song is stuck in my head…

    Ya know, if that Brazilian company just sold copyright infringement movies in their country they might have not got caught… but if Disney hasn’t seen these yet…. I think something bonkers has happened with their team of lawyers.

  • Rat

    Homer: are you Mary Poppins?

    Shary Bobbins: no, no, i’m an original creation like Ricky Rouse and Monald Muck.

  • I just threw up in my ears.

  • Isaac

    They’re learning to be beautiful on the inside.

  • Bob Harper

    Those bastards!!! They stole my gazillion dollar Disney pitch!!! Except mine was called Little Princezz – because “Z” instead of “S” at the end gives it attitude.

  • I would like to order five virgin eating dragons. Wait, there are five princesses, right? Yes, five dragons. Make them extra rapey.

  • I just listened to that song 3 times in a row…. It’s so catchy!!!

    And althoug this is a complete rip off , I can Imagine my younger self watching this show and enjoying it.

    I guess I am a bad person for encouraging this.

  • haha, I wasn’t expecting this to be the featured one, but I guess I can accept it. The Little Panda Fighter and Ratatoing were definitely the most amusing of the bunch.

  • ZN

    The ‘teacher’ design looks like a straight trace of the main character from the comic strip Wonderella. They’re very versatile in their ripoff techniques.

  • Felt like I got hit by a Chevy when watching this….*shakes head*

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! this is amazing – for real – some of theses I think Disney can sue for – That IS snow white, jasmine and cinderella –

    “they make their teachers mad even though they dont say a word”?? what? why? i love it. too much

  • Darky

    Snow white looks more like Lucy from peanuts in this lol.

  • Brazilian animator

    I’m also Brazilian, and I get sadder every time those bastards release another rip off.

    They justify those absurdly crappy movies by saying that “they’re helping the local animation market, offering jobs for brazilian animation professionals”. It must be TOO difficult to have original ideas, huh?

    I can’t prove, but legend tells on the animation field here in Brasil (whatever that means) that the former PRESIDENT of ABCA (the Portuguese acronym for Brazilian Association of Animators) is the main producer of those shameful rip offs. Since there is no list of credits on those films (of course, they know they’re the bad guys), there’s no way to prove that. All I know is what I heard from Brazilian animators who are associated to ABCA (I’m not, because I wouldn’t dare to support that). At least that guy is not in the position anymore.

  • jon Hooper

    Actually I think Disney would have a hard time winning a lawsuit. The designs have similar elements and colors but they are clearly not the same. If I put the two designs next to each other they are very different. Copyright is very specific, all you have to do to get around it is change a few elements, which they have done.

  • EatRune

    I actually think this has been on their Youtube channel for years, it’s not more recent than their other ripoffs.

  • Wait, why are they going to princess school again? I forgot. Please sing about that again once more time.

  • greg m.

    Oh man, would love to see an episode of the Southpark boyz meeting up with these girls!

  • Roman

    Wow. This looks like something they would show on South Park as a crappy “replacement” in an episode where Terrence & Phillip gets yanked off the air… even the song is hilarious! The “Jasmin” one is name Zaje? Which sounds like Sage…a different spice?

  • “Jasmine” is named Zade—i. e. Scheherazade. (Creative, if fairly obvious choice, actually… perhaps the only creative choice in this entire load.)

  • Oh look, the “Japanese” girl even has squinty eyes all throughout. How multicultural of them.

  • It’s horrible, and yet it seems so plausible, like something Disney might eventually do.

    I mean, they did the thing with the fairies, and the princesses already are a huge cash cow…

    It makes sense.

  • Get John Lassiter in there to fix it up… it needs a little Pixie Dust!