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Bad Ideas

“Lorax” diapers

If you’re gonna crap all over The Lorax, you might need this:

The Lorax became the number #1 movie in the country last weekend, and part of that success was establishing merchandising tie-ins with numerous licensees. But here’s one even last year’s Winnie The Pooh (a more appropriate match) didn’t think of. Apparently the 7th Generation company is selling all sorts of eco-friendly Lorax products including these “Lorax-approved” baby diapers. For those Seuss collectors who have to have everything, you better hurry: they are a limited edition – and yeah, images of the little orange Danny DeVito voiced creature are printed on the tab fastener of the diaper.

(Thanks, Jeffery McAndrew)

  • gbop

    “If you’re gonna crap all over The Lorax, you might need this” ahahaha love it !

  • Craig M

    If only I could find a Cat in the Hat litter box with Mike Myers’ face on it.

    • Funkybat

      Do you want to traumatize your cats into never using the litterbox ever again?

  • Hank

    Actually, diapers are one of Disney’s biggest product tie ins. Has been for 20 years. Including for the Pooh franchise.

    • Old Man Father Time

      All these 70+ tie-ins would make complete sense, and people would NOT make a big deal out of them, if only the story they were adapting told you NOT TO BUY INTO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CJ

    All jokes aside I kind of like the Lorax tie in with eco-friendly products.

    The only problem is that the Lorax himself is an eco zealot. Although it is hinted in the movie that he doesn’t mind the concept of a very controlled harvest through a very sensitive foresting (forestry) method. So by contrast his character was a lot more lax on how humans consume and use things from nature for their own benefit compared to the 70’s movie.

    I don’t have kids nor do I want the little buggers. But his is one of the few corporate based tie ins I can agree with. And hey, I’ve always loved the Lorax, despite how religious he may be about his beliefs. :)

  • Rufus

    If Lorax hadn’t approved this product, THEN were would we be?

    • Confusion

      In deep shit.

  • Mike

    Kinda funny, I though the lorax was supposed to be anti capitalist, Yet his image is put on a diaper in order to sell diapers.

    Kinda like selling red che t shirts.

    Its pretty blunt at this point that the market cannot solve global warming. Lorax himself would criticize the idea of buying green products as a solution.

  • Kel

    The Lorax is gonna be so ticked if he finds out those diapers are made from thneeds!

  • top cat james

    Now Lorax can get a first-hand view of Junior’s gluppity-glup and schloppity-schlopp output.

  • Glowworm

    I am the Lorax,I speak for the pees!

  • Julian

    Wasn’t WALL-E an anti consumerist movie? Yet I recall all the stores filled with the most random, un-needed WALL-E things (like when any other Pixar movie comes out)and no one seemed to complain then. Yet a huge fuss over something that’s at least some use and somewhat eco-friendly, although I think cloth is best. Personally, I think it’s just weird to print stuff on diapers in general, even if it’s Elmo or Winnie the Pooh (although I find Pooh ironically funny).